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we have reservations to Momofuku Ko, where else can we eat instead?

Hi all,
by some fast clicking, I managed to score a dinner reservation to Momofuku Ko this coming week to celebrate an event for 3 friends. I had heard facebook friends chatting about it and so wanted to go for it, but after reading more about it in some reviews, people seem to be mixed on whether it's worth the money (now up to $125 for dinner!). If it's possible, I'm thinking I'd rather treat people to some place that's overwhelmingly great and worth the money (could be of similar price).

Can you suggest other places that I might try for at this late date (difficulty of reservations?)? I.e. of comparable impressiveness and quality for a special occasion? I thought of The Grocery in Brooklyn, or Gramercy Tavern?

Or can you make me feel better about continuing with the Momofuku Ko reservation?


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  1. imo, momo ko is worth the money. I had dinner once when it was still $100; it was 10 courses, I had amazing food up to my throat, and the experience is unforgettable; me and my friend agreed it was definitely worth the price. If you haven't gone before, I'd recommend you keep your reservation. I'm going again in a few days...hope the $25 price increase gets me better food!

    1. Ko is "once in a lifetime" - I'm going for the first time on January 1st for lunch (now $175) and probably the 2nd hardest reservation worth getting in the United States (I don't count Rao's - but behind Jose Andre's Mini-bar in DC.) EVEN if the food isn't "perfect," it is a story, imo. If you're not a epicure/foodie/whatnot, then perhaps going in there isn't worth the cash - I'd say the same for Alinea, however, and that is the best meal I've ever experienced. I guess I'll know more in 2 weeks. :-)

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        Uhockey, awaiting your return back to C-bus, can't wait to see what you think of the place. Are you planning on visiting Chang's Milk Bar? Be safe and Happy New year!

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          I'm in Cbus now - I'm awaiting my departure to New York.

          Been to Milk Bar, see Blog - 'twas alright.

      2. i dont know why you would want to give up your resies at momfuko. keep them, go, report back.

        1. Keep the reservations, they are worth it. It is both a delicious and memorable meal.

          1. i'll slap you myself if you don't go. i have yet to land a rez there and i'm dying to go

            1. I went on the website this morning and miraculously got a reservation for Sunday.

              Soooo excited. First time ever.

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                mayve easier b/c of the holiday's...people travelling and what not.

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                  Yeah I logged in at 11:30 and there was a opening on Wednesday night as well. Maybe I should have taken that one too.

              2. Don't miss Ko; it's one of the best restaurants that I've ever dined at. I've been there for both lunch and dinner, and both are splendid. I have a reservation for Christmas day lunch, and am hoping to return soon for the dinner.

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                  i went for the 1st time last night. very $$$, but worth it.

                  the chefs were friendly.

                  shaved foie gras was insanely good.

                  duck breast was perfectly cooked.

                  never been in so much blissful pain from eating so much. dont pass it up.

                2. FINALLY scored reservations next Wed night. Cannot wait to go; could care less about the money for this meal. Def gonna be worth every penny.