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Kosher Diet Delivery or Kosher Chef's Diet?

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Has anyone tried either one of these meal service programs? How would you describe the quality (taste, variety and freshness) of the food and reliability of the service? I am interested for convenience, not for dieting.

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    1. Never heard of Kosher Diet Delivery, but I'd like to know myself. The link above doesn't address it either.

      I've personally had Kosher Zone Chefs which was rather good and varied (which I liked). Reliability was superior - they always had my food ready.

      I'd do it again if it wasn't so expensive.

      1. Just trying to find out if anyone knows about Kosher Diet Delivery. It's cheaper than Kosher Chef's Diet but is it better? Has anyone at least given it a try?

        1. i am currently on the kosher chefs diet. while the food is good, the service is atrocious. They have forgotten to deliver a total of 8 days worth of meals to me so far and counting! Everytime i call customer service, it takes hours and hours before someone calls me back. I would not recommend them at all!

          1. After reading about Kosher Diet Delivery on this exact post, I've decided to go with them.

            I actually did use it for weight loss (losing baby weight after pregnancy is hard!) and I've lost 22.5 lbs in 4 months. Not bad? :)

            In any event, the service is impeccable. Usually, they deliver to me at 11:30pm-12:30am, so I can stick it in my fridge before I go to bed. Even on snowy days, they did a really good job and the food came.

            The food is good. Some meals are much better than others, but you can remove food items and recipes you're not too keen on. I won't say the food is great because I have a sweet tooth and they don't really provide sweet meals. Still, it's good.

            The portion size is small. Depending on your weight loss (if you're trying to do that) needs, you may get 3 meals and 3 snacks or 3 meals and 2 snacks. Snacks consist of loose fruit (pears, apples, oranges) or salads (flounder, avocado, tri-color, etc.) and sometimes, my favorite, custard (told you I have a sweet tooth). Most meals for me right now based on a really low carb diet are eggs in some form or another - frittata, broccoli monterey, salsa with ceddar, etc. When I was eating more carbs, they also had really good blintzes, waffles, or oatmeal with peaches.

            Lunch is usually a salad with some protein (chicken, meat, deli). Occasionally, there are hot lunches.

            Dinner is a hot meal, usually fish or meat (grouper, mahi mahi, salmon, tuna steak, veal, chicken, lamb chops).

            On Shabbos, they don't do traditional food - breakfast is always fruit (grapes, honeydew, cantaloupe) with cottage cheese/ricotta cheese and granola (or no granola if you're on low-carb), followed by a salad lunch.

            If there is one "gripe" I have about the program, it's that I wish their individual nutritionists were more proactive about follow-up, especially when someone is opting in for weight loss. I have to call and talk to them every so often, but when I do, I do feel good. I just wish they'd check in more instead of the responsibility falling on me.

            I know I mentioned it earlier with a more positive review, but now with the comparison, I can give you this:

            I actually used Kosher Chef's diet in 2005 or so. I wasn't a huge fan as well, mostly on the basis of cost. Honestly, I don't even remember the food, but I know that they were reliable. To this day, though, I still get promotional materials from them even though I've tried to opt out. Thankfully, the emails aren't coming, but I'd imagine the resident of the apartment I moved away from in 2008 is still getting mail about it addressed to me.. Every so often, I also get an automated call.

            I do recommend Kosher Diet Delivery though. They don't seem to be the type to want to spam me after my subscription runs out. It's a small group of people and they do a very good job.