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Dec 20, 2009 07:58 PM

Dips, what are some or your favourites...include recipes

What are your favouite dips? What recipes can us share.

I have a can of crabmeat and artichoke in water and am wondering what kind of dip
I can make...perhaps a warm crab with artichokes, but how???
I also have a jar of roasted red peppers and am hoping to make a different dip.

Can you help?

I am wondering if dips can be make without all the sour cream, mayo and cream cheese.
And if so how? But then again, would it still be a dip without all that fat.....?

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      If you are making yoghurt/sour cream based dips, I highly recommend using full fat rather than the low fat abominations passing themselves off as food. :) It really does make them taste better, and the low fat ones use all sorts of odd ingredients to try to mimic the texture of the real stuff.

      For non-dairy based dips, hummus and baba ganoj are both very good, and can work for veggies as well as chips or pita. Roasted red pepper can go in hummus as well. You can also make bean based dips in the same vein as hummus - saute onions, add well cooked beans, mash and season - cumin and garlic is a good combination. Thin with a bit of liquid if needed.

      Salsa is a very low fat option. Pico de gallo, or fresh salsa, is amazing when home-made, and uses onions, fresh tomatoes, cilantro, hot peppers, and lots of salt and lime juice. There are other salsas (salsa verde for example) that are more liquid for dipping. You can take off with the salsa concept too - fruit salsas, for example.

      One of my favourite incredibly easy dips is yoghurt or sour cream mixed with Indian lime pickle (Patak's is particularly good), making a tangy flavourful dip.

      1. re: tastesgoodwhatisit

        Tastesgood, I would normally agree with you on the yogurt but have you tried any of the 0% fat Greek yogurts? Fage or Oikos are two that come to weird ingredients to speak of and great tangy taste. Just a suggestion for you! I've used them for a sour cream replacement in dips a few times and they work great, even sneak it onto my son's baked potato,he can never tell that is isn't sour cream.

    2. You can puree the artichokes with some sauteed or caramelized shallots, a little lemon pepper blend & salt; fold in the crab...basically low fat, if it's a little too thick, you can thin it out with seafood stock.

      You can make a lot of dips low fat or without all the cheese but keep in mind that when people think of dips they think of creamy & satisfying hence, cheese (lol).. Not to worry as there are reduced fat cream cheese, sour cream and mayo that, when mixed with your other ingredients, you can't tell it's low fat, if you need that creaminess. That said, I use a lot of roasted or cooked vegetables, once they're cooked, you can puree them or chop them fine and this bulks up the dip without the use of the mayo or cream cheese.

      For your roasted red peppers, you can do a black bean, chickpea or other bean dip or a corn & roasted red pepper dip would be great as a hot dip; a can of cream of corn, a can of kernel corn or frozen and thawed, the peppers, chopped onion & cilantro, some ground cumin, salt, and if you like some heat, add some jalapeno pepper, cayenne, or even some ground ancho or chipotle chile powder for smokiness; warm in oven until golden and serve with tortilla chips or crostini...