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Dec 20, 2009 06:58 PM

For our wedding:Can I have my (ice cream) cake and eat it?

Working on our August wedding cake and wondering if there are any success stories on designing my "dream cake" with a fondant covered "fake cake" for display and having my local coldstone creamery have their signature ice cream sheet cakes (two layers of cake , two layers of custom ice cream) built for our 100+ wedding party. By having the sheet cakes cut up and kept in the freezer of our country club we would be offering a pretty unique & tasty wedding cake without the worry of it melting. My question is :for the ceremonial cake cutting (and photo ops) should I have a real bottom layer of ice cream cake? Any advice or experience would be much appreciated

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  1. Wow! Please don't mention fake wedding cakes :)) There was a lot of negativity in regard to that topic see:

    Seriously, I for one think if you're going to do a fake cake and want pictures of you & your bridegroom cutting a cake, you have two options: one, you might want to think about getting at least one layer of the cake made of actual cake OR you can just appear to be cutting a cake and not bother with the real cake layer...Love the idea of ice cream cake, by the way...

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      Thanks for the heads up! Scanned the old posts and had no idea it has such a visceral response. Loved your direct insight & will work with having an actual layer of the cake (we'll call the others "virtual" layers). My local store has a fabulous marshmallow based fondant that is made from scratch & taste wonderful & will use it for both the "cutting cake" & the ones plated & ready to serve from the freezer.

    2. it is your wedding, go for it. Save me a slice, I love that stuff (the ice cream cake not the styrofoam variety).

      don't skimp on the booze, though.

      1. In my humble opinion, the only reason that justifies the fake cake is wanting to serve a tastier cake that would be impossible to make look pretty for the pictures. This is clearly the case here.

        Plus, an icecream cake would be very original and totally unexpected. Can i beg for an invitation to your wedding?

        1. I once made, not exactly an ice-cream cake but a four-tiered, hazelnut semi-freddo cake. It was based on a dessert on the regular menu at the restaurant where I worked. It was iced with gianduja whipped cream, and was quite glorious.

          If you are having this at a country club, they probably have a walk-in freezer and if so, such a concept is possible. The only caveat is that it cannot be displayed during the reception. You will still have plenty of time for pictures, cutting, etc. because if should be big enough that it will take some time to melt.

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            Thanks for your insights. Yes I have access to the walk in freezer . So I will bring these questions up with the cake decorator. One of the other reasons I was considering having ice cream sheet cakes rather than a tiered ice cream cake is the cost. I can offer a very custom dessert that people will actually look forward to eating at a very reasonable cost. The other is that the I can offer several ice cream combinations, like my fiance who would love a layer of pistachio ice cream and a layer of strawberry; while I prefer cinnamon and banana . We would have two standard flavor cakes like vanilla bean and chocolate so it would have more general appeal.
            thanks for the reassurance that my ideas are feasible & wish I could expand the guest list!

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              It sounds like a great plan to me, but I find that most wedding cakes taste terrible. I wasn't one who had an issue with the fake cake, but honestly if you don't want to have a tiered cake then why do you have to make a fake one? It's your wedding and if you want to have 4 sheet cakes, just decorate them nicely so you can take a few pictures once you take them out of the freezer and go from there. There's no reason the guests have to stare at the cake the entire night. Sure it's tradition, but you're free to start your own!