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Dec 20, 2009 06:32 PM

Denver and Breckenridge!

We are visiting from New York in January and we are excited to try the best of the region's eats. We are flying in on a Thursday morning then driving that night to a house we are staying in at Breckenridge. Since we want to stay in Denver that first day, we plan to have brunch at Snooze upon arrival and dinner at Buckhorn Exchange that evening. We may also hit Great Divide in the afternoon for a brewery tour and tasting.

Are there any other places aside from Snooze that you recommend for a Thursday brunch? It might be too generic a place so we are also considering Lucile's but not sure how authentic a cajun place is in Denver. Are there other more quintessential Denver brunch places?

For the mountain segment of the trip, we will probably be skiing at Beaver Creek, Vail, and Breckenridge the whole day so it's probably just quick breakfasts on the way and drinks/dinners after skiing. So far, we plan to hit Breckenridge Brewery for one of our dinners. And Daylight Donuts for one of the breakfasts.

Would you have any recommendations for getting a quick bite to eat (bagels, breakfast sandwiches, etc.) on the way to the mountains? For dinners, we are primarily looking for hearty meals that are of good value (around $10-15 for entrees). Do you recommend any standouts in the area? South Ridge Seafood seems to have good reviews but I'm not sure how much the food is. Are there any local/regional chains not available in the Northeast that we should try for breakfasts? For dinners, any cuisine is ok as long as it's a local favorite and has good portions since we will be starving. Thanks!

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  1. Snooze is excellent (or was the one time I was there) but I do love Lucile's, their biscuits are the best on earth IMO. I don't think you'll get a better breakfast than either of those places.

    In Breck, Columbine Cafe has good sit down breakfast. Clint's has good breakfast sandwiches to go, but often surly service (certainly from the baristas up front, less so from the kitchen in the back). Butterhorn Bakery in Frisco is my favorite breakfast place in Summit County.

    Sorry, not as well versed in the dinner options.

    1. Krystle,
      There are generally 2 major places that people consistently talk about for breakfast in Denver: Snooze (downtown) and Toast (cherry creek). I've been to Luciles and like it a lot, as well. As far as being authentic, I thought their beignets were somewhat comparable to Cafe du Monde in New Orleans (read: loaded with powdered sugar)


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        Thanks, we will probably try Snooze since it's in downtown. The itinerary for the day will probably involve walking around the 16th street mall.

      2. Any other recommendations for dinner options?

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          we were in breck couple of years ago. breakfast at a french crepe place and dinner at relish were outstanding. would highly recommend the dinner place was pricey but well worth it.

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            In/around Breck, second the recommendation for Butterhorn Bakery (Frisco). Also recommend Modis in Breck for dinner and FoodHedz in Frisco (Hwy 7) for lunch or dinner (closed Sun and Mon).

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              I'll second FoodHedz but your price restriction of $10-15 for dinner is going to be tough in the mountains. Another thought would be The Boatyard in Frisco as well.

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                Oops. I meant Hwy 9 -- not 7. JUST noticed.