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Dec 20, 2009 06:21 PM

Chicago Pizza Kitchen - TERRIBLE Experience

I have been a fan of Chicago Pizza Kitchen since I went there about a month ago after hearing about it on Chowhound, we were served by Spiro and the two pizzas we ordered were both terrific. I didn't post a review, because this place seems to have enough fans on this board and didn't need another rave review.

But, what a difference a month makes. Spiro was nowhere to be seen this time we went. We ordered two large pizzas, and we waited for our order. And waited, and waited. Yes, I realize it takes about half an hour for the pizzas, but almost an hour went by before we got the pizzas. Luckily we had ordered the ribs as appetizers, so it was just enough to tide us over.

And when the pizzas arrived, what a DISAPPOINTMENT. The first bite, and right away, something was different. The pizzas were soggy and tasteless. As if that is not enough, a few chews revealed a bitter after taste. Check the crust, it is BURNT. That was the first pizza. The second pizza arrived and we hoped for better things, Checked the crust and again it was BURNT. There were kids in the party, they were too hungry by this time so they scraped off the toppings, which were not burnt and ate those. The Manager came by and offered to make us two new pizzas. But, we said no thanks. We were not prepared to wait another hour for the pizzas. At the end, they took one pizza off our bill and took 50% off the other one, as we did eat some of it, burnt and all. We were hungry, it was 9 PM. We didn't want to go looking for food with hungry kids.

My questions, where is Spiro? Why was there such a drastic difference in the quality of pizzas? From being near perfect, to soggy, tasteless and burnt?

Unless I hear some more good reviews from regular posters, I will not be going back here. Oh and in case you might be wondering if the reason our pizza took so long to get to us and ended up being burnt is because they are rushed off their feet, ummm. NO. We were the ONLY table in the restaurant.

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  1. Wow, I wonder what happened. Thanks for the review.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. His wife was there. She was the one that came over and told us that they would make two new pizzas for us. But, having waited so long for two burnt soggy pizzas, we were not in any mood to wait for another two pizzas. Maybe Spiro was there, I don't know. He didn't come out and wait tables like he did last time though. I don't know who made the pizzas, but who ever it was needs to be fired. if it was Spiro, he needs to fire himself. We were the only table, so really there is no excuse for serving pizzas like that.

      2. I had a similar experience.. burnt soggy pizza, not sure why so much praise for this place, should probably try again, but too lazy

        1. which location was it maple or woodbridge??

          1. The original comment has been removed