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Dec 20, 2009 06:18 PM

adding food colouring to chocolate butter cream icing? Tips and suggestions


I am going to be making some chocolate buttercream icing for a christmas tree cake and I would love to colour it green but I have never used colouring with chocolate buttercream. Giving the natural brown color of the icing I am wondering whether it will work or whether it will become an ugly colour. I would love to hear any tips or suggestions on using colouring with chocolate buttercream icing.

Thanks and cheers!

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  1. It won't work. Just like trying to color brown paint green. You could use the chocolate icing for the background, make a small amount of white icing, color it green, and use a pastry tube and tip to make green outlines or green "needles" or something over the brown....

    1. ugly color - no different than mixing paints - green and brown make yucky green

      1. Are you icing the cake in chocolate brown, then decorating it with other colors? If so, you have to make muliple batches of icing, one for each color you want for the tree, chocolate, and then a regular (white) buttercream for the tinted colors, whatever they will be, green, red, etc. like Visciole wrote. Can't mix brown and green and get something pretty.
        For tinting you have to start with a white base, then add your color.

        1. what type of color are you using? I usually use a soft gel paste color for buttercream.