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Dec 20, 2009 06:14 PM


Where can I find fresh (not smoked) whitefish? A few fish places say they only stock it near major Jewish holidays. Is there anyplace that has it on a a regular basis? The old Captain's Wharf restaurant in Brookline used to have a great baked whitefish.

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  1. Have you tried te Russian Mkt in Brookline.Coolidge Corner..Bazaar? or Barry's in Waban?

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    1. re: 9lives

      I don't think the Russian markets carry any fresh fish, only smoked & pickled. Maybe Wulf's on Harvard St in Brookline?

      Wulf's Fish Market
      407 Harvard St, Brookline, MA

      1. re: BobB

        Indeed-Bazaar, at least, seems to carry only smoked. (And although I'm generally a fan of Bazaar and willing to overlook some of their logistical mysteries, I'm suddenly suspicious of their fish in general, after a recent stop in to stock up on pickled sprats revealed that all were past their printed expiration dates, some by nearly a year....:( hmmm)

        1. re: another_adam

          I'm willing to bet they were frozen before the expiration date, but that's still, er, not right...Not for selliing the stuff..

          Whitefish, a very MILD, (some would say tasteless) fish is native to the Great Lakes, I believe. I found it in several restaurants when I was in the UP in Michigan. They fried it. I had it broiled. I regretted it...You can buy Golden Whitefish caviar from the Little Pearl in Somerville for short money..

          1. re: galleygirl

            The expired stuff was mostly the refrigerated tins (e.g., the Abba pickled ansjovis, dated Jan 2009), so probably not frozen? The tinned pickled fish fridge was dominated by sticky and stained cans when I was there the other day, not a happy scene...

            However, their smoked whitefish are either loose or vacuum packed, in a case behind the counter. That section may get higher turnover!