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Dec 20, 2009 05:56 PM

Cattlr Baron Calgary

The one east of Barlow. Any one been there lately. Hows the steaks?

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  1. I have been a few times and have always been underwhelmed. I think I ordered the 10oz top sirloin the last time I was there and it reminded me of those places like Bonanza/Ponderosa/Sizzler where they serve a thin long strip of steak that can easily be overcooked when grilling. As for the sides, they served mixed veggies that looked like they came straight out of frozen veggie section at Safeway and mashed potatoes that were very dry.

    If I was in that NE Barlow area looking for steaks I would go to Carver's instead. Actually The Keg would be higher on my list than a return visit to the Cattle Baron. I may have hit them on an off day(s) but they must be doing something right... everytime I have been there, the place is packed.

    1. It is truely horrible now. I recall a day when it was quite good but I think they have slipped alot and become complacent . I took my mother there for her birthday recently. She ordered a steak which was very very thin and tough. She could barely cut it with a steak knife. I had veal cutlets, which were also tough and grisly topped with an awful canned tasting gravy. Both our stuff potatoes were cold in the middle and needed a tonne of salt. We shared cheesecake for dessert; the fruit culee on top was like melted no-name jam. Neither of us will ever go back there again.

      1. I've never tried this place but if you want a good steak try Nick's. I've been there twice and it's an excellent meal for the prices. Mmmmm.