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Dec 20, 2009 05:55 PM

Lunch on the way up to Montreal. Saratoga Springs maybe?

We're driving from NYC up to Montreal and looking for a unique, but local restaurant for lunch, possibly in Saratoga Springs. Not fancy, since we're on a road trip, but not fast food. Anyone have any recommendations?

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    1. Depends on the day, but I would add Max London's and Grey Gelding. And Karavalli has a nice buffet.

      1. I'd add Scallions (duck salad is my personal favorite) or Thai Sushi Garden (I've only had Thai food). Both are casual. I'd probably go to Mrs. Londons (no table service) for lunch over Max London's (I've only been for dinner and my experience was mixed). You might want to check out

        Bloomer's Bistro on Route 9 (before you get to S. Springs) is now open for lunch. I've only been for dinner.

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          Have to agree with fdr on Mrs. London's over Max Londons (which I have gone to for lunch.) Great sandwiches at Mrs., and the small quiche are the real thing--very rich and well flavored. And, of course, there are the desserts.