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Dec 20, 2009 05:14 PM

Bagel stores in Northern New Jersey

Any recommendations on bagel bakeries that can compete with Ess a Bagel and H and H in NYC?

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  1. Since I don't like the common "pillow" type bagels that are ubiquitous today, the puffed-up, air-filled giant bagels (Is the theory more is better?) I don't like most of the bagels out there.

    Paul's Emerson Bagels is bucking the trend with smaller, denser bagels that I like a lot. But it's a rare animal in the bagel world today.

    1. lengthy discussion of this in the tristate region board, use the search feature above.

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        Nyack Hot Bagel...technically not in NJ but worth the extra 10 mins on 303 into Nyack. Best.Bagel.Ever

        If you really can't leave NJ go to that newly renovated bagel shop in Cresskill (forget the's pretty much the only bagel shop in this sleepy borough). Mohammed (formerly of Goldberg's in Closter and Ronnie's in Norwood) is running the place. They make a superior bagel, but not as good as Hot Bagel in Nyack.

        1. re: rifkind81

          The best was Sonny Amsters in Millburn, but they closed and are now a Staples. No bagels there, only staples.

          The other place's name escapes me, it is something Supreme.

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            rifkind, I know the place in Cresskill that you're talking about. I'll be going by there on Wednesday, so I'll note and post the name. And yes, good bagels.

            Menton, my fave is Metro Bagels in Saddle Brook. While they are only medium in density, they have a good crisp crust.

          2. re: rifkind81

            I haven't liked the bagels at Cresskill Bagels since the expansion. They are most definitely of the soft pillowy variety, and definitely not what I'm looking for in a bagel. On the other hand, they are offering a larger variety of prepred foods these days, and that seems to be of very good quality.

        2. Cresskill Bagels, IMHO, are some of the largest bagels around and full of air. They are so big you could put your head down on them and take a nap!

          I like smaller, dense bagels. Paul's Emerson Bagels on Kinderkamack (Right across from Picnic) are one of the few shops that don't adhere to the "bigger is better" philosophy and have a wonderful, tasteful smaller bagel.

          1. this is the best bagel bakery in bergen county bar none
            great coffee super nice friendly people good parking and best of all great bagels
            their lox flagel sandwich at 2.25 a quarter is a sreal loxe scallion cream cheese and the kicker sliced hot peppers as well asa sliced onion is a world class sandwich
            do yourself a favor and go immediately adn no i am not a relative just a person who wants to share info about awesome food
            happy holidays all

            1. Hot Bagels on Saddle River Road in Fair Lawn. Maybe the best bagels in the country.

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              1. re: zhelder

                I could agree with this...only if they weren't quite so cheap with the flavor toppings. Their bagels are excellent nevertheless

                1. re: fourunder

                  I couldn't remember the name of the place on Saddle River Road...hmmm "Hot Bagels", it's kind of catchy. Great bagels and bialys which are even harder to find done right.

                  1. re: billmayo

                    I'm told the Hot Bagels store in Palisades Park is pretty good as well.....