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Dec 20, 2009 05:03 PM

Kosher Prepared Foods Delivered in NYC

Does anyone know of a service or company in NYC that will deliver gourmet-quality prepared meals on a regular basis? I live on the East Side and work near Union Square. I work very long hours and typically don't have time to leave the office for lunch or dinner. I am sick of the kosher options (boring and/or greasy) available for take-out around Union Square.

I would like to contract with a service/company to deliver to my home kosher prepared meals that I can refrigerate at home and then take to the office with me each day. Delivery could be once a week for several days at a time and I would order every week. Must be fresh, interesting and healthy food. Must be packed in individual containers so I can take to the office with me. Must be prepared under reliable supervision. (I would consider food prepared by an individual/aspiring chef if a reputable Orthodox rabbi will vouch for them). If this works for me, I have lots of friends who would be interested too.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Kosher Chef's Diet? My husband's former workplace in CT contracted with their precurser, the Kosher Zone Chefs, to handle kosher food for their three kosher-keeping employees. That version came once a week, frozen, but according to their website, it's delivered fresh daily. The only problem is that it's intended to be three meals a day, seven days a week for one person, so you'd end up with 21 meals weekly. My husband and his two coworkers split the 14 lunches and dinners among them for their daily lunch five days a week, and used the breakfasts as snacks, but as one person, you'd be overwhelmed by the volume of food. Perhaps you could split one account's worth of food with some of your friends who are also interested? You could also try calling them to see if you can work out a custom, long-term arrangement.

    My husband was very happy with the frozen versions, but then, he really, really likes airline food. The one dinner he brought home for me was pretty good for what it was (frozen, reheated food), but not anything to knock my socks off. I'd assume the fresh version is better.

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      Thanks, Gila. I had seen Kosher Chef's Diet on Google before and didn't click through because I'm not in the market for a diet (I'm already starving at the office) or diet-type food (either bland or w/ artificial sweetners/additives, etc) but I'll take a closer look. BTW, I like kosher airline food too, if it's Hermolis.. still not sure I'd sign up for that 5 days a week though.

    2. On a nice day, take a walk over to Beth Israel Hospital, Kosher Cafeteria open to all - fairly reasonable. Also, I believe the Center for Jjewish History has a cafe at 15 West 16th between 5th & 6th. also Kosher. Get out, smell the fresh air and enjoy.

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        Thanks, RIchard. The Center for Jewish History had a cafe but I think it closed. Food wasn't very interesting. It wasn't gourmet-quality. It was always the same 2-3 options on offer. I imagine some of these might be a challenge at Beth Israel too. When I can get out, I head to Whole Foods. They sell an individually portioned and packaged smoked sockeye salmon steak right next to a display case with several brands of kosher chickpea/tabouli/quinoa salads. That's fine for a day. I want more diversity and to have it delivered.

      2. Maybe you'd have some luck calling a Kosher culinary program. One of their chefs or students may be able to cook meals for you.

        Can the person cook in your kitchen? Or does everything have to be predone and delivered?

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        1. re: cheesecake17

          Thanks, Cheesecake. I prefer if everything is predone and delivered.

        2. I know someone who trained (in the NY-NJ area) to be a kosher personal chef. She now lives in Israel, so I can't recommend her, but I can't believe she was the only one to do this. I would google something like "kosher personal chefs" and the specific geographical area and see what you come up with.

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            Queenscook, Thanks for the suggestion. Here's are two I came up with:

            John Y. Santo, chef and proprietor, has been a professional chef since 1997. Currently culinary consultant and partner at Crown Royale Caterers, Fresh Meadows and Howard Beach (Rockwood Park Jewish Center


            Sandy Stollar
            The Kosher Tomato, Inc

            I don't know if they can/will do what i'm interested in, but does anyone on Chow have experience with them?

            1. re: jondb

              Maybe you can ask both of those chefs to prepare a trial package for you? Say three breakfasts and three lunches. See if you like them and which you prefer and then maybe set up a contract with them.

              A friend's brother is a trained chef. I can ask him if he would be interested in taking this on.

          2. Try Naomi Nachman-
            I am not sure that she will deliver to NYC (her website does say that she "provides fully-personalized strictly Kosher meals to clients in The Five Towns (Nassau County, NY) and beyond".
            I attended one of her cooking demos; her food was excellent and she is very nice person. Good luck.