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Dec 20, 2009 04:59 PM

Great, little Nolita restaurants

Hi Hounds
Just moved from Chelsea to Nolita. I've already discovered Cafe Gitane, Colonial and Peasant. Any other good recommendations for great, small restaurants in this neighborhood? I'm searching for recs for all cuisines.
Much obliged and happy holidays

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  1. Definitely Nolita House. Haven't been in a while (moved myself) but used to love it.

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    1. re: carcrash

      I have to agree about Nolita House. It's great for lunch, brunch and dinner. It has amazing macaroni and cheese and awesome desserts. It would be my local favorite if I lived in the area.

      1. Peasant is one of my favs! Don't miss eating in the wine bar downstairs, it's a great room.

        I also like 24 Prince for comfort-style food.

        1. Cafe Habana, 17 Prince street although I'm sure you've noticed the lines of people waiting outside by now, particularly on the weekends. Great Cuban food at unexpectedly reasonable prices considering the neighborhood. I've also heard great things about Rice but haven't made it over there yet, 292 Elizabeth street. Described as Asian fusion, whatever that means...