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Dec 20, 2009 04:45 PM

Chinese or Thai Food Delivery Parkdale


Can anyone recommend a decent Chinese or Thai restaurant that delivers to Parkdale - Queen & Brock?
Any other good delivery options for the area are appreciated - We're tired of pizza and takeout Pho.

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  1. While they may not be "authentic" Thai food, Royal Thai ( is pretty good, esp. their lamb peanut curry. There's also a location of Young Thailand at King and Strachan that delivers via one of those online services - I think?

    We've never been able to find a really great Chinese delivery option around here, but we occasionally order from Rice & Noodle ( - somewhat Westernized, but still OK.

    For other options, try checking the aforementioned as well as They both have a bunch of places that deliver to Parkdale. A bit more expensive that doing direct orders with places due to the delivery charge, but if you want something like Indian, it's worth a look.

    1. Thai Chef ( on Roncesvalles is quite good and very consistent. I especially love the tamarind beef and cold rolls with chicken.

      We ordered from Rice & Noodle last night and while it was fast and cheap, it was too greasy for my taste and there was really no flavour to anything. I read some good reviews of the place before ordering, so maybe they had an off night...

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        I second Thai Chef, it is the only thai my husband will eat. We also eat at Rice & Noodle, it's your typical Americanized Chinese take out, but decent when fresh.

      2. I haven't had take out from Young Thailand on King but we did dined in and the only item that was worth eating - exceptional in fact, was the Royal Phad Thai (they have a reg ketchup phad thai too).

        I had been disappointed at other Young Thailand locations before but I went anyways hoping it would be an exception as it's in my nabe.

        The meat dishes were inedibly tough.

        There's a Sit in Bangkok on College just east of Shaw that send me flyers regularly. They would likely deliver to you. I haven't tried them though.

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          I like My Thai Kitchen at Bloor and Indian Grove. They should deliver to Parkdale. try the golden chicken curry and the mango salad.