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Dec 20, 2009 04:15 PM

Best Place to Buy Beer Online?

Anyone know of a great e-commerce site for good beer?

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  1. There are a number of good online beer e-tailers. They are located in various areas the choice of a particular site depends upon the location of the breweries whose beers you are seeking. The other issue is whether any particular e-tailer will ship to your state.

    Be more specific about what you want and perhaps I can help.

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    1. re: brentk

      Awesome, thanks. I live in Colorado and there's no shortage of great beer around here. But my parents live in a small, northern Minnesota town. No regional/microbrews available. Not even stuff from Minneapolis. So every time they visit Colorado, they love the beer and I was hoping to send them a bunch for Christmas.

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        Unfortunately, the only Colorado shipper I know, Liquor Max, has discontinued the practice. Binnys is a good choice, as is the WIne and Cheese Place in St. Louis:

        You can also buy beer and ship it yourself using Fedex or UPS. Don't tell them what is in the package as it is not legal, but there is a very active beer trading community that does this all the time. For winter shipping to MN, make sure you use a lot of insulation in your packaging as you won't want your beer to freeze.


      Make sure they can ship to Minnesota.

      1. There's a pretty good master list, with some state and other restrictions noted, of "mail order" beer sellers here

        But if you're sending local Colorado beer to MN, it's probably going to be cheaper to just box it up well and send it UPS or FedEx yourself (illegal to use US Postal Service), since the "e-commerce" dealers usually sell the beer for top dollar and then often charge a high "handling" fee to cover their labor, packing materials and shipping.

        Just don't tell the package companies it's alcohol.

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          If you ship yourself, make sure that the sound of liquids cannot be heard when the box is jostled around.

          2 retailers in San Diego - South Bay Drugs and Beverages 4 Less will take orders online or by phone and ship. I know that Bev 4 Less will ship to MN. Both have stellar selections of beer.

        2. is a pretty good one. They ship to Minnesota.

          1. Liquid Solutions has a nice selection:


            Other places I am familiar with are Beer Geek:


            And also BevMo:


            The only thing is getting past the high costs of shipping. If you can buy a lot of rare beer in larger quantities, it almost makes it worth it.

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            1. re: Little T.

              Both Liquid Solutions and Beer Geek are out of business.