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Dec 20, 2009 04:11 PM

Freezing a Yogurt-Based Curry?

Wondering if anyone out there has tried freezing leftovers of a yogurt-based curry, such as the Mughlai chicken curry from Madhur Jaffrey that's described in this thread: . I made Nigella's version, from the Food Network site, which sounds remarkably similar. I used whole-milk yogurt, also it's got a bit (ok, half a cup) of heavy cream.

It came out great, but since our intended dinner guests canceled on us, I've got a load of leftovers, and my chances of serving it for dinner again this week look pretty slim.

I'm a bit leery of freezing b/c (1) I'm afraid the spices, already pretty subtle, will recede from the freezing, and (2) I'm afraid the yogurt in the defrosted sauce will clump up, or otherwise act weird and refuse to stay integrated.

TIA for any advice you can render.


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  1. I really think it varies recipe to recipe, and the proportions of the ingredients in the sauce. I froze the leftovers of a curry containing yoghurt once and it was fine once I'd reheated to piping hot and stirred everything. Another time it separated, and still stayed a bit separated after I'd reheated and stirred. I do suspect however that as I was in a hurry cooking it in the first place I just rushed and didn't let the sauce "amalgamate" properly etc.

    If you're reheating a curry on the stove and you taste it and you're worried that the spices have been diminished, you can always re-season as you give it another good reheat-until-simmering-and-keep-it-there-a-while.