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Brisket Gravy

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Having made Cook's Illustrated Online's very elaborate brisket (which was great, by the way, despite my skepticism), I am left with some really really tasty gravy. Meat, of course, is all gone.
Any suggestions for what to put it on or on that won't be totally overpowered? Gravy is made up of meat juices and fat plus lots of onions, some red wine, herbs and spices. Really full-flavored --- which is why I'm kind of stuck for a vehicle for it.

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  1. Put it on some roast beef sandwiches on crusty bread or a nice baked potato...you could also use it in a beef stew.

    1. I agree with sandwiches! Mashed potatoes is always good. Also if you are making risotto you can throw some in there in order to give it a more meaty flavor. What's also good is use it as a base for french onion soup!


        1. Use it as a base for a soup. Add veggies, crushed tomatoes, canellini beans and stock. Simmer. Add some ditallini. Voila! Pasta e fagioli.

          1. My wife would make hash with ground beef, diced potatoes, diced green bell peppers and garlic. Your gravy already has the onions.

            I might make risotto with it. That may sound crazy, but I belong to the "What if...?" school of cooking specializing in "Cuisine Impromptu."


            1. Funny....was looking for recommendations for side dishes for this exact recipe. Looking to deviate from my normal steamed green beans. Having made this recipe many times, I use the leftover gravy over noodles with a hint of sour cream for a quick stroganoff.

              It's also great served over polenta!

              1. This happens to me all the time with braised meats, usually either a wine based sauce or a mole. But it's a great opportunity. I generally freeze the sauce in a ziploc with a label. My favorite use for it is a simmer sauce for braising chicken. Brisket, short ribs, etc... make a very beefy sauce, which adds a lot of punch to chicken.

                Generally, I just pan sear the chicken parts skin side down till browned, remove chicken, deglaze pan with the sauce. Nestle the chicken back in with some onions, mushrooms, carrots, whatever, then pop in oven.