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Dec 20, 2009 03:47 PM

Lobster Pot Pie Prep Question - Please help!

Hi Everyone,

I'm making lobster pot pie for 10 for Christmas and would love any advice on how much/what can be prepared ahead of time.

I'm planning on using Michael Mina's recipe:

Though I will be making the stock with only 4 lobster shells instead of 10 (couldn't purchase any empty shells!).

So far my thoughts are to make the pie crust 2-3 days ahead and to blanch the veggies and lobster (separately) the day of the meal.

Is it possible to assemble everything the day of the meal and stick it in the fridge until it is time to put it in the oven?

I would appreciate any advice/thoughts you might have.

Thank you!


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  1. Yes, you most definitely could assemble the day of and just pop into the oven right before serving... That recipe looks fabulous!

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    1. re: Cherylptw

      Thanks Cheryl! It will help so much to be able to assemble everything ahead of time.

    2. I just made a 'lobster' stock with 2 shells because thats what I was not robust enough in flavour for my purpose (lobster bisque) so I chopped up a pakage of pollock (because thats what I had) saved half for the end product and cooked the rest, chopped in small bits, in the stock. I then blended it using my trustry immersible hand-blender. It made a decent stock.

      Best of luck with that pot-pie...sounds delish.

      1. I have a question about the recipe. It looks strange to me that there isn't stock made from your shells and then use that to make your sauce. So much cream, seems like it will overpower the pot pie. Am I reading that you only add 1 leek for this pot pie?

        For more additional flavor I believe I'd use shrimp shells. Which I keep on hand in my freezer...Perhaps you could make an addition to your menu, or freeze the shrimp meat to use later.

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        1. re: chef chicklet

          chicklet, Mina skips a step by infusing the cream the flavor from the roasted lobster shells and the mirepoix; it's a real time saver, rather than making and reducing the stock, making the sauce and thickening it. He has onions as well as leeks, for that profile, so one leek is ok, IMO. He does use roux at the end but a pot pie filling should be quite thick, and besides, he's Michael Mina.
          I agree in subbing shrimp shells to make up for the lack of lobster shells. You definitely want to max the flavor here and two shells isn't going to do it.
          I think this pot pie is going to be deluxe and flavorful.

          1. re: bushwickgirl

            I'd be concerned. I don't see how the shells will infuse in cream like that. With lobster being so expensive, I'd see if it has the flavor infusion I'd want. But then perhaps this pie is meant to be more about the lobster meat, and a cream sauce. Perhaps that's the whole point, otherwise it would be my recipe wouldn't it? I always want to change recipes darn it, that's the burden I live with.

            1. re: chef chicklet

              Yes, the cream will infuse with the flavor of the lobster shell, the mirepoix, brandy, herbs, etc. Have you ever made a basic bechamel with aromatics, onion, bay and clove? Or infuse flavors in cream as a base for ice cream? You can use any type of milk for infusing but the higher the fat content, the better the infusion.
              You can certainly make this dish with a stock-cream reduction, thickened with roux, but this recipe is special in that it has a cream-only base to pair with and showcase the lobster.

              Now, if I had the $$ and was going to make lobster pot pie, I'd definitely give this style a try instead of the stock-based version. You only live once.

              1. re: bushwickgirl

                With the lobster meat or the shell? I think I was saying something different.

                1. re: chef chicklet

                  With the shell, that's what I understood you to mean. I edited my post for clarity.

                  1. re: bushwickgirl

                    I think I misunderstood, he does sear the shells in concern was the 4 shells, not using 10 and is she using the entire lobster or just the tails. I get it.

                    1. re: chef chicklet

                      Yes and didn't we suggest subbing shrimp shells?
                      OK, I see your point about not having enough shells. I was thinking of something different, obviously not about the amount of shells he/she has.

        2. Thank you so much for the advice everyone. I will pull out some frozen shrimp in the shell that I have on hand and use the shells to supplement the lobster shells. We are definitely trying to max out the flavor!

          For the 'seasonal vegetable' part of the recipe I'm thinking of incorporating: carrots, pearl onions, and baby turnip wedges. Do you think that will work with the overall flavors here?

          My ramekins are 10oz capacity, so I am thinking about a ratio of 3oz lobster cream (stock), 3oz lobster, 3oz seasonal vegetables, and then a small bit of head room for the crust.

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          1. re: Phoo_d

            I always add mushrooms and peas, you can add any veggie you have on hand. Corn might be appropriate too, although not seasonal. I like the fennel idea, I will be adding that to mine next time. For the broth, I usually only have the one or two shells, but luckily I always have Lobster Base on hand, if you see some pick it up for next time. And I'm sure there will be a next time....although oyster or clam pie are equally good.

            1. re: Phoo_d

              Sounds very good, maybe a bit heavier on the lobster as it's the focus of the dish but however you do it, I'm sure your guests will be very happy.

            2. Hi - I making lobster pot pies for NYE and hope to get Mina's recipe as I can't find it anywhere on the web. Could you share? Thanks so much.

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