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Mar 14, 2005 04:34 PM

Bollywood Cafe?

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Has anyone been to Bollywood Cafe in Studio City? I live only a few blocks away but I have never ventured over there. I love Indian food (being an Indian vegetarian) and am looking for some tasty veggie dishes.

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  1. I would avoid it - I've been there three times and each time was disappointed with the food. In particular, the vegetarian options are unimpressive.

    A better bet would be Salomi in North Hollywood (5225 Lankershim) - they have a wider veg. range, and the dishes are quite tasty.

    If you're willing to drive to Chatsworth, Woodland's is not bad at all, and is entirely vegetarian.

    9840 Topanga Canyon Bl
    Chatsworth, CA 91311

    Good luck and report back!

    1. I've been to both Bollywood Cafe and Salomi and find both quite similar as far as food. However, if you like HOT HOT, go to Salomi and order Volcano! I like my curry hot, but wow!
      Bollywood is smaller, more crowded and a bit too rushed for my taste. It's not most amazing Indian food in the world, but for the price I think it's pretty good. It's also directly across from The Fox and Hound British pub. There is nothing better than a night of pints followed by a curry!

      1. I've been there once and thought it was well below average. If I lived close, I'd give it another try. I think Salomi is much better.

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          I think it's better than some of the other Indian options in the neighbourhood -- thinking mostly of Passage to India, which ought to shut its doors in disgrace.

        2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bollywood Cafe in Studio City. Everything I've had there is full of flavor, and they have by far the most flavorful naan of any Indian restaurant I've ever been to. The service is fabulous, and I've never eaten a bad meal. Now, I'm not vegetarian, I can only speak of the meat dishes, but everything made of meat + sauce (Chicken Makhani is my favorite) has been delicious. And the prices are good, and you get a lot of food for what you pay. I hate going to Indian places where you have to pay $20 for a little plate of food, and then you have to pay for the rice and the bread and everything else. At Bollywood, for lunch, rice and naan are included, and for dinner, it's an extra $4 I think for everything, and the base price of the meal isn't going to break the bank in the first place. YUM. I can't recommend this place enough. Oh, and for vegetarians, the malai kofta is really yummy.

          1. Bollywood Cafe is by far one of the best Indian places in this town. Their Vegatable Korma is the best I've ever had ( I'm not even vegeterian). The Vindalou or Marasalla is excellent.

            I have never had a bad meal there yet. At first some of the waiters may seem a little short/abrupt, but they warm up to after a while and overall and its quite a charming place -perfect for a midweek dinner or a low key date.