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Dec 20, 2009 03:35 PM

Outer Mission taco win!

On a lovely walk from Glen Park to Bernal Heights, we walked into a supposedly no name Mexican butcher (Yelp says it is called Carnitas Sandoval) at 3723 Mission St. The awning says Carnitas and Chicharrones, which is what peaked my interest. In the steam case was a delicious braised beef dish, so we got a single taco for $2.50. I think at least half a pound of meat was piled on two griddled tortillas and it was delicious! The beef was rubbed with a thick tomato and chile sauce and then they put some spicy salsa on it and that was it. Definitely going to head back for some carnitas and some of the other meaty goodness they had in the trays (no idea what it all was).

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  1. Oh yes. We're headed to SF in a week. Do you know the approx. cross street? Maybe you'll have more to add soon :)

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    1. Thanks for the report, I heard about that place a while back but the person who told me about it was a few blocks off on the location and I never found it.

      Carnitas Sandoval (CLOSED)
      3723 Mission St, San Francisco, CA