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Dec 20, 2009 02:24 PM

Exceptional dinner near kingston,ny

Need a great rec for gift certificate for great boss who lives in Kingston,ny area. thanks

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  1. I grew up in Kingston and most of my family is still in the area. It's been awhile (like years awhile-so you may want to check to be sure!)-but Le Canard in uptown Kingston always had great french food. The Bear Cafe in Woodstock is one of my favorites in the region-the food is consistently good and the ambience is relaxed-yet special enough for an occaision (hands down my go to place for a nice meal in the area). I also enjoy Le Petit Bistro in Rhinebeck-very small and cozy with excellent french bistro style food. Hope this helps!

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      A recent thread asking the same question:

      Le Canard should fit the bill. Very good.