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Dec 20, 2009 01:50 PM

Staying in Tribeca - want to order Chinese tonight - where from?

Hi Everyone,

I'm spending a few nights in Tribeca and while I'm down here I'd like to order in Chinese food. Seeing as I'm close to Chinatown, can anyone recommend a great place that delivers to Tribeca?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Hi. So this is a difficult one... I live in Tribeca and have not been able to find a Chinese delivery that's any good. One thing you may try is to call Dim Sum Go Go and see if they'll put someone in a cab with your food. Friends of mine (in Tribeca) do this with Dim Sum Go Go and it works out pretty well - we've eaten this way a few times. I actually like Dim Sum Go Go a lot: apart from the dim sum, which travels fairly well, try the beef with ginger, tofu with crab meat, and the sauteed chinese broccoli. You might try this approach with Amazing 66, which is my favorite restaurant in Chinatown, although I've never done so...

    1. Doyers Vietnamese is one Chinatown restaurant (albeit not Chinese) that has been mentioned on this board for delivery.

        1. Grand Sichuan in the west village will deliver to Tribeca and I think is pretty good.