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Dec 20, 2009 12:30 PM

Are kosher bagel hole (and similar) closed Saturdays?


I've browsed the Outer Boroughs board and found a lot of good recommendations, thanks.
One thing I'm wondering is if many bagel places will be closed Saturday for the Sabbath?

In particular, I'll be in the Midwood area on Saturday, and was interested to go check out Kosher Bagel Hole on Ave J, or B&H Bagel Hole on Coney Island Ave, but figured they might be closed.

Any tips? Will Midwood be pretty dead, business-wise, on a Saturday?

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  1. Almost everything in Midwood (especially Ave.J) is closed on Saturday except for DiFara's.

    1. I believe B&H opens on Saturday night, right after sunset/Sabbath.

      1. Kosher Bagel Hole (Coney Island Ave. near Ave. K) is definitely closed from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. So is Bagel Hole on 7th Avenue. B&H is open.

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          Bagel Hole on 7th Avenue is not closed on Saturdays.

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            You're mixing it up. Kosher Bagel Hole on Ave. J is closed for Observance, so is B&H Ksher Bagel Hole on CIA bet. Ave. J &K. Bagel Hole on 7th Ave, in Park Slope is open 7 days.