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Dec 20, 2009 11:57 AM

Greenhouse Cafe in Vero Beach

Still very new, so not complaining too much
Go for atmosphere, and eat outside if it is nice enough to.
Breakfast menu very limited. Mostly eggs.
Service stinks.
Food took way too long, but was OK when arrived.
Plates should be more appealing (ie. adding a touch of fruit for color etc.)
Fresh juices should be offered....c'mon this IS Florida!
Coffee was great.
Never filled tea water or asked to refill (this is common and I wish it wasn't).
A little work to make this better, lets see if they do it....

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  1. Very nice atmosphere and excellent food. Service very good today and breakfasts looked fantastic. We had dinners that were superbly prepared. Selection excellent and service very responsive. There was an air of snobbiness that culminated with the maitre de ignoring us completely when we left -- no reason, just looking over us as I said goodbye only inches from him-- total lack of acknowledgement as we left. We hope this can be corrected, as we would like to return frequently.