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Dec 20, 2009 11:23 AM

Where can I buy Counter Culture coffee? (Raleigh)

I am new to Raleigh and want to buy local gifts for family. My brother is a serious coffee lover and I want to get him some Counter Culture coffee. Do I have to order it from the website or is there a local retailer? Does southern season carry it? Also, if anyone has any other local food gift suggestions, I'm all ears.


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  1. Helios serves it, not sure if they sell beans. Earth Fare used to sell them, I'd double check and call them first.

    Larry's is a local roaster. Their beans are available at Harmony Farms on Creedmoor.

    1. Don't they sell a number of Counter Culture blends at a Southern Season and Whole Foods? I think Counter Culture produces the Magnolia Grill blend, it's one of my favorites and I've bought it at both places.

      1. SS does carry a pretty wide range. The CH whole foods just started carrying Counter Culture (and Larry's).

        Weaver Street has a pretty good selection too, as does 3 Cups.

        1. I've bought Counter Culture beans at the Whole Foods in Raleigh. They usually only have a couple of varieties though. But, you can buy either prepackaged or by the scoop, which is nice.

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            SS does have a large selection of their beans, all the beans they have are Counter Culture, you may want to also try Tradwinds, a small roaster with good coffee on Atlantic Springs in Raleigh.

            1. re: chazzer

              Your post implies that all of SS's coffee is sourced by Counter Culture. That is not true. They do carry Counter Culture beans but a lot of their coffee also comes from a roaster in Cary. Although it is not in Raleigh as the OP requested, 3 Cups in Chapel Hill carries CC coffees exclusively.

              I really like Joe Van Gogh's coffees. He is a roaster in Hillsborough. He has excellent quality, a wide variety, and his prices are consistently a few bucks less expensive than a comparable coffee from CC.

          2. I suggest you check out NOFO, in Raleigh's Five Points. Not only do they have an excellent selection of Counter Culture coffee, they have lots of other unique gifts, including local foodie specialties (such as grits).