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Dec 20, 2009 10:58 AM

Paso Robles no fee tastings

My sister-in-law is coming in from CO next month and will want to go wine tasting. She is not so much about the wine, but more about the experience (don't expect her to have refined wine taste) so I am thinking that hitting a few of the no fee tasting rooms makes more sense than looking for the best wines (I know sometimes there is a serendipitous juxtaposition of the two.....Eberle, for example.)

What others are there? Vina Robles, I think. Tobin James ? :( (They can go without me to that one !) Any others I should consider?

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  1. J. Lohr doesn't charge a fee. They have really good reserve wines - you might have to pay a little extra for these... their tasting room is pretty close to Eberle, just up Airport Road a mile or so.

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      Thanks, Shannon ! I've never been to J. Lohr, although I have drunk their wines for MANY years (they used to have some Late Harvest Rieslings that I liked.back in the early '80's !)

      I live a few miles away---how is it that I've never been there?

    2. Dubost Ranch was a wonderful experience... fantastic wine (especially their Tempranillo), and if i remember correctly it was $4 to taste. Not free... but better than the $10 fee i keep on finding in the santa maria valley.

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