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Dec 20, 2009 10:47 AM

North Miami/Aventura Sushi

Looking for great Sushi in Aventura/North Miami. I am aware that Hiros Yakka San is highly recommended on this board. I look forward to going there tonight or tomorrow. I need an alternative spot that takes reservations for a larger group. I have beeen to Fuji Hana and liked it. Someone recommended Sushi House. I would really appreciate some advice regarding these two spots, or some other choices.. Many thanks.

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  1. Sushi House is good although I haven't been in a while.
    Oishi Thai is very good (on the expensive side)

    Oishi Thai
    14841 Biscayne Blvd North, Miami, FL

    1. Just a reminder that Yakko-San serves sashimi but does not serve "sushi" as most folks here think of it - i.e., no nigiri (fish over rice) and no maki (rolls). Oishi is good. I've only been once to Sushi House which was some time ago.

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        Thanks for pointing that out about Yakko-San...My husband may want some nigiri sushi,