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Dec 20, 2009 10:26 AM

Best Stoneware for Baking/Roasting/Oven?

I have had a large set of virtually unbreakable bulletproof Corningware forever and have no usage complaints. Just ready to step up to new, more elegant (and more colorful) cookware! I have been looking at Le Creuset as well as Emile Henry, any ideas or other suggestions? I did read a post about these two but it was mostly about breakage after a lot of use.

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  1. okok I know it is holiday season, so ordered the le creuset anyway and the stoneware is stunningly beautiful. The Ruby color in the Bijou line is like out of another universe, it is that different, not your mother's red!!! Dark dark red, not maroon, not a bit of it....Ruby is the correct word, or could perhaps more correctly here say Garnet, that might help to envision...will go on the table very well with my Lenox Republic for festive occasions. I will let you know when I cook in it, cause i just got it. . Any info on the difference between the Le Creuset poterie/professional line and the Elegance/Bijou line?????? would be appreciated....I have no idea of the difference, and now I have both....

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      Hi, I am also ready to step up and have looked around during this fall/winter.

      I guess, pillivuyt and apilco are the most elegant and practical. Tthey are not stoneware but porcelain. They are all in WHITE not in colors, I guess. Very expensive and probably too big step for me now. In terms of stoneware, I saw a lot of chantal and casafina bakeware at TJMaxx and Homegoods. I have never bought them, so I do not know how better they are.

      Actually, I picked up one at Crate and Barrel after X'mas, It looks very pretty and I am very happy so far. They also have darkgreen one in sale, too.

      1. re: hobbybaker

        I have a white 9x13 baker my MIL gave least ten years ago now. It's held up really well to regular use, no crazing at all. Nice even baking in it. Assuming they hven't changed their overall specs I think you'll be happy with their stoneware.

    2. You probably mean "porcelain", not stoneware. I have used Pillivuyt (restaurant quality bakeware made in France) for many years. It is beautiful, bakes and roasts wonderfully, looks amazing at the table, and is easy to wash in the dishwasher. And it is robust, doesn't crack, chip, and no crazing. More expensive, yes, but you get what you pay for.

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      1. re: maxmoritz

        I'm sure that mobius981 does mean stoneware, but he or she should forget about it and concentrate on porcelain. Stoneware crack and crazies, while porcelain will last forever.

        1. re: Mother of four

          Maxmoritz and Mother of four - Totally agree with you guys.
          I have replaced most of my stoneware and pylex with Apilco and PIllivuyt finally. Initially I thought those porcelains would be well above my budget but I kind of managed to find good deals and love them! Still expensive but worth any $.

          1. re: hobbybaker

            hobbybaker you must tell me where you are finding good deals on apilco and pillivuyt. I am registering for my wedding and that would be of great help. Any online places? I love 2 hours from the nearest city that sells french porcelain.

            I really like the idea of porcelain and I'm trying to be very selective in what I let in my kitchen lest it be too cluttered to be functional. I opted to register for for 2 of the 8.25 diameter souffle dishes and use them for souffles and cakes rather than registering for 8 or 9 inch cake pans as well.

            1. re: dobs737

              Sure, sister dobs. I must confess my spending on porcelain to you. Please forgive my sin:)
              #1 The greatest place at the moment still I believe is WS outlet. 2 weeks ago, Apilco and pillivuyt dinnerware/bakeware were all 50% off. some were even 75 % off!! I guess they are still on sale there. Hope you have one of the outlet near you.
              #2 Another my favorite place is a restaurant supply store in NJ. (Actually, I learned it from another member here in the board. Thanks!! ) Note their variety of the inventories are limited. As you see, they say their appilco is "restaurant quality" not "consumer quality", but as far as I see, there are no major problems. I bought three pieces from them.
              #3 you might be aware but BBB also has Apilco, for which you can use 20% off coupon:)
              #4 Also, the same souffle dish was very often witnessed at Ebay. If any time, you should check. Be careful and ask sellters about quaility in detail. One time, a seller sold me a baking dish without disclosing the permanent defects, 5 black pencil spots, by just telling me as a very good condition of used item with scratches by normal daily use, which is totally a lie. I needed to go to buyer's protection service to get my money back !

              Congratulation & all the best !!!!!

              1. re: hobbybaker

                hobbybaker, I'm so jealous you live close to a WS outlet. I live in ohio and the closest one is about 7 hours away. We used to have a WS outlet in ohio, but now it is just pottery barn. Had I regularly read the CH boards and known how good the french porcelain is, I would have picked some up.

                I see there is a WS outlet near JFK airport. My maid of honor lives on the upper west side. I will send her over there sometime and see what she finds.

                The souffle I was talking about was actually pillivuyt seen here., It is $46. I figured it was a better investment than the $44 WS gold touch round cake pan since there is no chance of the non stick coating coming off and no chance of porcelain rusting. There is a bead on the pan that water can collect under. I read a reviewer got rust the first time she washed the pan. I don't want to pay over $40 for a cake pan that will rust, but that is just me.

                I will have to watch bloomies online and other places to see if the AC pullivuyt ever goes on sale. I live in ohio so the closest bloomies to me is prob chicago. I will see what BBB has and what the 20% coupon would bring the price to. I think if I'm patient I will find better deals or just see if I get it for a wedding gift.

                From your experience do you prefer apilco, pillivuyt, or revol? When I went shopping last weekend I made sure to look at apilco plates, pillivuyt, and revol at SLT. It seemed to me the revol glaze was a little more scratched as from the plates rubbing together on the shelf at SLT, but that could just be me.

                1. re: dobs737

                  dobs - I felt revol is heavier which I do not like. The pieces I saw have no logo marks on the back, not like Apilco and PIllivuyt. I am wondering who can really tell it is real revol and not a fake made in China without a logo on it. It can be a disadvantage if some day I want to sell. (I do not think it is happening but who knows?). Generally, I prefer apilco and pillivuyt to revol.I haven't seen the similar souffle dish of pillivuyt in person, but they must be as good as apilco.

                  BTW, Avoiding scratches on your bakeware, this would be a good idea. It doesn't cat sharp as metal knife, but still sharp enogh. It is good for non-stick pans, too. I love it. You can get it at Bloomies cheaper.

                  I like my pillivuyt oblong/square dishes with AC SS frame a lot. I use the oblong one even for a lasagna as when I bake I don't bake a deep one, so this shallow oblong dish is ideal. I sometimes see these AC pillivuyt bakers at ebay, too.

                  I agree BBB is the last resort. Apilco is line only/not sold instore, means you need to pay for shipping! Another reasonable place you can buy pillivyt is Amazon. com, maybe you know it aready. I always use my gift cards from credit card companies to buy quality cookware/bakeware at Amazon if the price is right. They are usually more than $25 and I pay nothing for shipping and no tax on it.

                  I have no experience with WS gold touch, but am interested in trying. hoping it is poping up soon at the outlet. I agree with you it is better to have porcelain pieces than metal pans especially for pies and brownies. Round cake pans are a bit different story as you need to make a layer/sponge cake properly rise in time and not stay with heat after the cake is done. Porcelains retain heat longer than the metals so for round cake pans you should better go with gold touch or metals, if I am correct. Also, I guess, the side of souffle dish is too high for those cakes which need to rise. the side should be 2 inches.

                  As you might have read another post by me at a past threads, but All-Clad has a tri-ply bakeware line if you are interested. (cookware & more has them now on sale for 20% off.)

                  I wish you the very best. Yes, I am quite lucky to have the WS outlet close enough from me, but it is still a bit drive! WS outlet near Vegas is quite impressive, if any chance, recommend to stop by. whenever I fly to LA, I always drive to Vegas just to check it:) At this stage in my life, I don't want to buy cheap stuff made in China just for a price. I look for a quality and value for a reasonable price to me!

                  1. re: hobbybaker

                    Hi, you might like the dish below, too. They call it a gratin dish but you can use it for a coffee cake, a deep pie, and other cassrole dishes. The size 2 qt is generally many recipes require and the metal 9 inch round cake pan is 2qt, too. You maybe like it better than the souffle if you want to use the vessel more often for a cake not for a souffle. I still feel the side of the souffle dish is too high for a cake. According to WS website, the large size (1.5qt) has 3.5 inch, which is quite high for a cake. The extra large size (2.0 qt) should even be higher than that... Think about it. I might buy this one soon, too.


                    I have a quote for your: "A woman happily in love, she burns the soufflé. A woman unhappily in love, she forgets to turn on the oven." I am the burning one, chao!