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Dec 20, 2009 10:18 AM

Vegetarian in Cleveland

Visiting in mid-Jan. and plan to visit the Zoo, Museum of Art and friends in Middleburg Heights. Looking to have one dinner where the chef/food is high quality (price not an issue) and ambience is irrelevant. Otherwise, we'd like casual places for dinner and lunch. Thank you

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  1. Sapore is currently my favorite restaurant in the area. 2 of their 3 salads, 3 of five apps, and 3 of 7 pasta dishes are vegetarian. None of the entrees are vegetarian but any of the pastas can be ordered in an entree portion. They also have two prix fixe menus. One is "seafood" and the other is "meat." The meat one has five courses, but only one of them actually has any non-vegetarian content. That's 3 more dishes for you to choose from (plus dessert), assuming they'll let you do that. They might not. The restaurant used to be prix fixe only and I know that they happily accommodated vegetarians then. The kitchen staff has changed, but I would bet they're still accommodating. I would call ahead. The restaurant is much better than their website:
    Sapore is only open for dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

    Now, for some casual places... Bar Cento has good pizza, a couple veggie entrees and wonderful french fries.

    I can't personally vouch for the veggie selections at Buckeye Beer Engine. I usually get a burger, but judging from their menu they make an effort to accommodate vegetarians. And they generally seem to cook well, so I'd be very surprised if that stuff weren't as good as the meat-based food. Come to think of it, I've had both of their soups. I think they're vegetarian, but their online menu doesn't label them so. And it does label several other items as vegetarian friendly.

    Siam Cafe has a few good vegetarian dishes. Ong choi (some kind of Asian vegetable), fried tofu (be careful to explain your dietary restrictions or it may come topped with pork) and braised tofu (vegetarian by default, I think).

    1. Definitely recommend Treehugger's Cafe for a casual meal, it's in Berea, right near Middleburg:

      aladdin's would also be good for any vegetarian:

      Maybe try 3 birds for the special meal?

      Or Light Bistro:

      or Flying Fig:

      1. A great option for vegetarian at lunch is a newish place in the trendy Detroit Shoreway neighborhood, Latitude 41N. You can combine a stop there with a matinee at the newly refurbished Capital movie theatre, or just explore some of the nearby boutiques and galleries. It is also somewhat near to the zoo. I love their tomato bisque.

        1. Greenhouse Tavern on East 4th Street has good vegetarian options in a hipster-crunchy downtown setting. Tight jeans and black Converse, not Birkenstocks with wool socks. The meaty dishes are also good and interesting.

          L'Albatros is near the museums and is very very good for a fancy French (but not intimidating) place.

          Casual in that area is the Little Italy neighborhood. Presti's has great artichoke pizza.