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Casual breakfast/brunch - Gramercy area, 22nd/Park Ave South

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Looking for a very casual, low-key, unpretentious breakfast/brunch spot in the Gramercy area, walking distance from 22nd St and Park Avenue South.


* not upscale (Eleven Madison Park, City Bakery)
* not infamous or notorious (Friend of a Farmer)
* not a greasy spoon.

Anything come to mind? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Is this for a weekday or weekend? I'd try Les Halles, Penelope, or 'inoteca liquori bar.

    What do you think of the suggestions here?

    NB: EMP doesn't serve weekend brunch any more.

      1. barbounia is a good spot.

        1. Dukes, just East of Park on 19th, I think. Next to City Crab who also have brunch but I have not tried theirs.
          Dukes has good brunch selections and is not too fancy or pricey.
          Penelope on 30th anf Lex is also a favorite.

          1. I would go to Punch. They have a very reliable brunch special with a lot of diffetrent options. Theres something for everyone and its casuel but nice. Plus it's only one block away from your location.


            1. L'Express. Totally unpretentious, reasonably priced, open 24-hours, authentically Lyonnais, Park & 20th.


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                L'Express has become our new favorite late night after party spot. We have not tried the brunch but have never been disappointed with anything else. We even saw it on Law and Order last week.