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Dec 20, 2009 09:47 AM

Casual breakfast/brunch - Gramercy area, 22nd/Park Ave South


Looking for a very casual, low-key, unpretentious breakfast/brunch spot in the Gramercy area, walking distance from 22nd St and Park Avenue South.


* not upscale (Eleven Madison Park, City Bakery)
* not infamous or notorious (Friend of a Farmer)
* not a greasy spoon.

Anything come to mind? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Is this for a weekday or weekend? I'd try Les Halles, Penelope, or 'inoteca liquori bar.

    What do you think of the suggestions here?

    NB: EMP doesn't serve weekend brunch any more.

      1. barbounia is a good spot.

        1. Dukes, just East of Park on 19th, I think. Next to City Crab who also have brunch but I have not tried theirs.
          Dukes has good brunch selections and is not too fancy or pricey.
          Penelope on 30th anf Lex is also a favorite.

          1. I would go to Punch. They have a very reliable brunch special with a lot of diffetrent options. Theres something for everyone and its casuel but nice. Plus it's only one block away from your location.