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Dec 20, 2009 09:38 AM

Snake River Farms Kurobuta ham in the LA area?

I'm looking for some of this in the LA area

It's only sold in a 6 pack online.

Anyone got a local lead for me (or want to join in on a group buy...)

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  1. I bought one last year at Taylor's Meats in Sierra Madre. It was good but not nearly as good as a Kurobuta rack of rib chops, for example, simply roasted with salt and fresh sage. It was also not as delicious as my favorite country hams or great sweet hams. Maybe I got a bad one, but my Kurobuta ham was unpleasantly dense, a bit heavy on the tongue, and not smooth and Uncle Shucks.

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      This post brings a tear to my eye

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        It took a tear to type, ns1, and -- as I said -- I'm willing to consider the possibility that I got an old, worn-down, even pre-owned ham. ;-) These are very expensive items and probably don't move out of the store as fast as, say, chemically enhanced canned hams from Hormel, e.g. They're also too expensive to experiment with, but since other SRF Kurobuta pork products are truly excellent, I'm thinking about trying again after investigating whether I need to bake them differently.

        Hold it. I just remembered. I've had SRF ham slices on a couple of occasions for breakfast -- light pan frying in a cast-iron skillet, made red-eye from the leavings -- and those, too, were fine but nothing special. Not succulent, as sweet ham should be, and not nearly as good as the bitter, salty, tough, fabulous country-ham slices that I get from Virginia, Carolina, and other ham-mad locales.

        Here's a constructive suggestion: Try the SRF slices before plunking down beaucoup bucks for a large ham.

        1. re: Harry Nile

          Thanks for the advice and replies Harry!

    2. A few locations are provided below for you to try. Additional ones can be found on the SRF website by clicking 'find us" on the menu bar. Click on the interactive map and scroll down to Grocery Retailers.

      Vicente Foods (310) 472-5212
      12027 San Vicente
      Brentwood CA 90049

      Los Angeles
      Bristol Farms: Westwood (310) 481-0100
      1515 Westwood Blvd
      Los Angeles CA 90024

      Bristol Farms: Hollywood (323) 874-6301
      7880 W Sunset Blvd
      Los Angeles CA 90046

      South Pasadena
      Bristol Farms: South Pasadena
      606 Fair Oaks Ave
      South Pasadena CA 91030

      West Hollywood
      Bristol Farms: Beverly and Doheny (310) 248-2804
      9039 Beverly Blvd
      West Hollywood CA 90048

      Bristol Farms: Westchester (310) 410-0593
      8448 Lincoln Blvd
      Westchester CA 900745

      1. I just bought one online for Thanksgiving. Unless they've changed their policy very recently, you can buy a single ham directly online.

        1. Forgive the late post--but I found it, in "chunks" rather than "slices", at Mitsuwa in San Gabriel. They also had SRF domestic kobe ribeye, sliced for sukiyaki or for shabu-shabu (the former a bit thicker than the latter).