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Dec 20, 2009 09:24 AM

Jan 1st dinner - Downtown Toronto

Need some recommendations for dinner downtown for 10 people that is open for dinner on January 1st. I liked the looks of Nota Bene (price range, cuisine) but it's closed.

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  1. Here are some restaurants in TO that open for dinner on January 1st:

    I'd call the restaurants to see if they have room for 10- many are hesitant to allow large reservations to be made through opentable.
    Victor or Colborne Lane might be good upscale options ;-) And the Drake is decent for a midrange dinner, although it's located west of downtown.

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    1. re: phoenikia

      I've looked at this list from opentable and ruling out a bunch as not the type I was looking for, in all of downtown Toronto, it seems there aren't even a handful of restaurants open on January 1st...

      1. re: lula

        Granted some of the restaurants on Opentable taking reservations for January 1st might not be the restaurants you like, but at least 20 of them are open for dinner on January 1st, and located within a 10 minute drive of downtown Toronto ;-)

        One, Beerbistro, the Drake, Victor, Colborne Lane, Harbour 60, Matahari, Annona, Tundra, and Adega are all at least decent, if not good or very good restaurants, and located downtown or within a 10 minute drive of downtown.

        The food at Tundra (in the Hilton, close to Nota Bene) is a similar price point to the food at Nota Bene. The food at the Drake is slightly less expensive than the food at Nota Bene. Both Tundra & the Drake serve somewhat upscale contemporary continental food- which is what I'd consider the food served at Nota Bene.

        Hope you find what you're looking for ;-)

    2. The people at Mengrai Thai told me they're open for dinner all through the holidays and their website confirms it. I'd still call first to be absolutely certain.

      82 Ontario Street, Toronto, ON M5A 2V3, CA

        1. re: JamieK

          Victor is definitely open- it's one of the restaurants you can book for New Year's Day through Opentable ;-)

        2. Thanks for the replies. I'm considering Beerbistro and Le Select although still scouting for some others. Now trying to hit a lower price point in consideration of some of the attendees of the dinner.

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          1. re: lula

            With a party of 10, Mengrai Thai would likely be able to deliver a prix fixe menu for you. Certainly worth asking.

            1. re: Googs

              One of my friends is pregnant and can't stomach ethnic such as Thai, Chinese, Indian, etc. right now which is why I'm trying to stick with some plain but good quality food. Thanks for that suggestion though. Will keep it in mind for future visits to Toronto.

            2. re: lula

              Avoid Beerbistro.

              Horrible, horrible, horrible. Especially when it over 6 people and anything close to busy...

              1. re: Thatcher

                I'm surprised by your comment, could you expand on why you say this?

                I was about to recommend BB, which I admit I do whenever I get the chance. Aside from Splendido, BB is absolutely number one for my service experiences in Toronto. It can be a bit loud when it's busy, but the staff are always friendly and helpful and willing to quip with us, rather than acting grumpy or bogged down and stressed as we've often found elsewhere. For group meals, good service really seems key - otherwise, the bad mood spreads through the whole party.

                Please let us know what was so bad to invoke the word "horrible"!!