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Dec 20, 2009 08:24 AM

Is butter an acceptable substitute for lard?

I have a recipe that calls for lard but I don't have any on hand. Can butter be used instead?

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  1. It really depends what you're using it for...lard is used alot for the flavor and the fact that it can be used to fry things in without breaking down and burning...butter is also used for flavor but mostly in baked goods and is more delicate

    1. Yes, do tell the particular recipe.

      I make biscuits with a recipe that calls for lard -- but I use butter instead. I get a biscuit with a rather dark amber exterior that features little "spots" of dark brown.

      Of course, you're not going to want to fry anything in butter the way you'd fry it in lard (e.g., chicken).

      The tendency of butter to burn is going to make using it in place of lard kinda tricky, but doable.

      1. Amazing coincidence! I was just about to ask the same an hour ago only my question is purely a baking one.

        What are the differences between lard, butter and solid shortening (i.e. Crisco) for baking? With 23 inches of snow here in Philadelphia and having yet to be dug out, getting lard and Crisco for baking are not on today's schedule. Butter we have. Please chime in.


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          Not sure of all the answers, but...I always sub butter when a baking recipe calls for shortening or margarine. If you're making cookies, all butter may (I think if IRC form other threads)make your cookies spread more. But so what? Go for the butter. Baking is more fun than shoveling. :}