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Dec 20, 2009 08:22 AM

Bagels in the West Village

Hi Everyone,

I've lived in the WV for 3 years now and still don't have a go-to bagel place. Murray's is OK but I can't stand the crowd or the 70 minute delivery time.

Can anyone recommend a great place for bagels down here?


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  1. Go to Grounded on Jane [down the block from the Corner Bistro]. They have H&H bagels.

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    1. re: maxandcoco

      Thanks for the rec!

      Do you recommend any place that delivers? Feeling kind of lazy with all the snow on the ground :)

    2. Hudson Bagels on Hudson Street and Christopher. The multigrain is a hit with everyone I serve it to. I love the fresh turkey on the plain bagel for lunch.

      1. Bagel Buffet (6th Ave betw 8th & 9th Streets) has the best old style (properly boiled, chewy, not huge and doughy) New York style bagels that I've found in the neighborhood.