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Dec 20, 2009 08:15 AM

???--first year baking Christmas cookies in a convection oven--confused

I only really make cookies at Christmastime, and this year I got my first-ever convection oven. I'm a little bit confused about which cooking mode--conventional bake or convection bake--would be best. Some people, including the service rep, and some sources I've read have told me conventional mode is still best for cookies. Others indicate to use convection, that that's the point of it, that you can bake multiple sheets at once and still get even cooking due the air movement.

So, IYOs, conventional or convection? And, if I use convection, should I still stick with one tray at a time, as I did with conventional? And with convection should I still rotate the cookies sheets and if baking multiple trays, switch them from one rack to another halfway through?

This is a Dacor oven, if anyone has one and in case it matters. Thanks a lot.

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  1. I too have a Dacor. Now, I admit that I haven't made that many cookies in it, but when I do, I have used the convection mode. I bake at 25º-50º less than the recipe indicates. I do use multiple pans. Though dacor promises even baking, I have found that the back of the oven is hotter than the front, and I rotate the sheets halfway through.

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      That's really helpful, sm. I've found the same thing you do, to set the temp lower and that the back runs hotter. OTOH, one of things I love about this oven is that the baked goods I do make (mostly yeast and quick breads) rise beautifully and are tender. I'm going to try your procedure on my first cookie batches today and see how that goes. Thanks for answering so quickly; I'm anxious to get the cookies started so I can move on to the next thing on the holiday to-do list. ;-)

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        Now, bread I make regularly. I just love how this oven manages bread. European breads have the perfect crusts, yeasty dinner rolls have the right soft texture and pizza is brilliant. Let me know how the cookies come out. I start mine on Tuesday.

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        ditto, plus I set the timer for about 20% earlier than the recipe says.

      3. I have a Kitchen Aide convection for about 12 years and I find it sometimes wiser not to use the convection in some instances. For soft chewy cookies I might not use convevtion. For pies with a thin flute, learned my lessons, protecting the crust edges is a must but I just use conventional bake. Some breads love convection for crispy crust but spraying with water is a key in a great crust. Pizza on the other hand is to me really dependent on the toppings and what order they are applied. Little items sticking out on top may not far well with convection. Just my 2 cents

        1. I have a (fairly) new Bosch convection oven. I haven't baked meringues yet, but I wouldn't do those on convection mode. I have,however, used convection for all my other cookies and I LOVE it! I can use all three racks simultaneously and the blown air obviates the need to switch racks or flip front to back. All the cookies come out evenly baked all the time.
          This particular oven has an autocorrect temperature feature which automatically lowers your set temperature by 25 degrees to compensate for the convection feature. I haven't had a problem in a year of use.

          1. I bake my cookies in the conventional mode unless the recipe specifically states convection.