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Dec 20, 2009 08:02 AM

Anyone been to the Kabob House on Edmonton Trail? (YYC)

If so, what's it like? How's the food? What's the decor like? Inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. I really like it.

    Let's be honest it's meat on a stick and I can't remember a kabob I didn't like, so I may not be the best reviewer. The entrees are pretty basic. I always get the same thing, the beef. It comes with some rice and a roasted tomato (my second favorite thing after meat on a stick). I keep meaning to try the chicken or ground beef kabobs, but I'm always drawn back to my usual.

    I don't remember much about the decor. It's not large and it feels somewhat intimate. There are two TVs (one always has soccer and the other Iranian TV), but I don't remember the volume being on.

    My first impression was that that it felt pretty authentic (maybe Iranian?), but I don't know why. My server (and maybe the cook) looks Chinese (certainly not Iranian), but there are always posters and business cards for middle eastern events around town.

    I have their take out menu at home. I'll see if I can scan and post it here (is that allowed?). I think prices were about $10-15, most being around the $10 range. I remember it being a good value, but I'm not very price sensitive.

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      Thanks for your response!

      Do you know the hours? Also, it kind of sounds like a bar with two TVs playing all the time. Is there any decor to speak of? Would it be a nice place for dinner, or more just a place you'd go for a nice filling lunch?

      I don't know if scanning and posting the menu is allowed or not. I don't see why not...I'd like to see it!

    2. I've been there a few times and have to agree with Dan2007, I like it. A lot.

      I've only had take home, but while waiting I was able to look around and to be honest, if you are looking for a really nice ambiance to take someone for a meal, this isn't it. Don't get me wrong, it's very clean, it's bright, but its sparse a bit "cold" atmospherically speaking (the space is small and the TV's are overwhelming). It has a lot of vinyl and fake florals. Just think 1986 metal tubing furniture, add in some plastic table cloths and some gold metal framed one dimentional posters with sparkles. LOL. Funny thing is, it all looks brand new. Didn't think you could get that stuff anymore, did ya?

      Also, depending on the time of day there can be very animated conversation over tea. One night I went and there was a two men arguing at the Iranian (?) program on tv at one table, at the other two couples were having a great time just eating and chatting and at the third there was a mish mash group of SAIT boys who were apparently pretty hungry based on the mound of food they were attacking. That said, the food is good I would have no problem going there for a very casual dinner or lunch with a friend. I'd also be really comfortable dining alone there actually. The service I've had has always been nice. I have a feeling that you could go and spend a few hours eating there and no one would bother you. Now as I write this, I think I like it because it reminds me of my college friends Moms house! That's it, its an ethnic Mom's house/diner with great food. I wouldn't call it a resturant per se where you make a reservation and have a waiter. Did I mention the vinyl? LOL

      As for the food, its fresh and cleanly spiced. The first time I went I was really tired after working a 14 hour shift and just needed something that resembled healthy food so I could eat and go to bed. I stood at the counter and the man Dan2007 mentioned just kind of took over for me and it was so appreciated. I had lamb and the rice was amazing and the tomato just topped it all off. The great treatment I got that day made me go back twice more, and each time I was not dissapointed, so yeah you should definately check it out!