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Dec 20, 2009 08:00 AM

Restaurant suggestion near the Comcast Center?

We're looking for a place to go after seeing the Christmas exhibit this week, so it will be an early dinner, and we'll have a bunch of kids with us. But, we're still looking for a pretty nice restaurant. Any suggestions in easy walking distrance?

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  1. The Continental Midtown at 18th and Chestnut is just a few blocks away, good food, and good for kids. If you want a place where you can make a reservation, perhaps Parc or Tinto, but I'm not sure if either are great for kids.

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      The Continental is a good suggestion - we have taken the kids there a few times, I do love Parc, but my toddler is a little ramy these days!

    2. Pietro' Coal Oven Pizza would be perfect. Just a few blocks away on Walnut St. between 17 th and 18th. Pizza, salads, pasta.

      I would definitely not take kids to Tinto or Parc. Kids may or may not find the menu at Continental appealing.

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        I'll check the menu at Petro' Coal Oven Pizza!

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          Wow?? Definitely not take kids to Parc or Tinto? That's odd. Parc is a french bistro and not formal at all. If they are picky eaters, Tinto might not work, but otherwise, I don't get that comment at all! Do you have children? That is a shame you feel that way. I wouldn't take my youngest 2 children to Le Bec Fin yet because of price and length of meal, but other than that, I cannot think of a restaurant in the city where I wouldn't take them.

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            Yes I have two wonderful teenage girls ,and I well remember the challenges of dining out with small children. Some kids are more adventurous than others, even within the same family. I personally like Parc and Tinto but don't feel that their menus would be very appealing to little ones, not to mention the cost of these restaurants, which is substantial, and as a parent I would not want to feel the high price was wasted.

        2. This may sound odd, but Table 31 was very accomodating to my family when we came in to see the Christmas Show. We had 8 people ranging in ages from 3 to 83, and the staff was wonderful. I had planned on just going to The Market downstairs, but the crew decided they wanted something a bit more upscale, so we chanced a late lunch at Table 31. Could not have been happier with the service and the food, and they had no problem grabbing a high chair and modifying the salmon on the menu to suit the rather finicky 8 year old. Of course you can't go wrong with going downstairs either. You could also try Mission Grill at 19th and Arch or Tir Na Nog in the Phoenix. Depending on what time you are planning for "early dinner", either of thiose options would be good, and not quite the hike Rittenhouse Square can seem in the cold. Finally, Chima on the corner of 19th and JFK might be super fun for you and the kids (if they eat meat). I would just suggest you call and give any restaurant a 'heads up', and most will be more than happy to accomodate you.

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            I have never eaten at Table 31 or Chima but I have to disagree with you about Mission Grill and Tir Na Nog--I have found the food quality very low at both places. Maybe they are good for kids if that is your overriding concern.

          2. I work right around the corner from Mission Grill and I will never eat there. The one and only time I did I got terrible diarrhea. Not to mention it is very overpriced.

            Table 31 has good food but I don't see it as a family space. The tables are very cramped together and service has been atrociously slow every time I have been. It really caters to a business crowd.

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              Mission Grill is pretty mediocre...just like TGIF in my book. I'd make the trek to Pietro's and stick with the pizzas if I were you.

            2. Any report back on where you ended up and how it went?