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Dec 20, 2009 06:28 AM

How to do bread for sliders or mini-sandwiches for Christmas Eve buffet?

I'm doing the desserts and two hors d'oeuvre for an informal French-Onion-Soup-and-buffet my family does with a girl friend's family on Christmas Eve. One will be a bite-sized tart or turnover filled with caramelized veggies (probably fennel, corn, Granny Smith apple and garlic--something like that). I also want to do a protein, mini-slider type thing from roast chicken, pork tenderloin OR meatloaf. I know I can make those things easily within my very busy Christmas cooking schedule and use compound spreads, sauce, herbs, etc., to add interest.

I don't know what to do about the bread product. We already have enough phyllo/puff pastry on the menu. I want something to serve at room temp (don't want to trouble my friend for the oven because I know it'll be in use).

I was thinking of simply cutting out toast rounds from a tasty artisanal bread with a small biscuit cutter, but would they either go soggy OR dry out if I prepare them the evening of the 23rd? I suppose in a pinch I could prepare the sandwich filling on the 23rd and assemble them quickly the morning of the 24th.... I also thought of making mini drop biscuits and splitting them, but they're best served right out of the oven. Is that so for rolled biscuits? I'm just not sure *what* to put the protein filling in...

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  1. Okay, I apologize in advance because my suggestion is going to be something store-bought and this is on the home cooking page. However, those King's Hawaiian bread rolls are the perfect size for sliders and they taste good too. I don't know why, but i'm such a sucker for them, and they always get good reviews on sliders, that that is my go to.

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      No need to apologize, Firegoat. I wouldn't mind using something storebought in this one case for the bread or roll for these things, but I've never seen King's Hawaiian (ever) in the stores around me. (I live in New England and don't know if they're distributed here.) I'm happy to have the recommendation, though, because if they do show up in our stores I'll know they passed a CHer's test. :-)

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        I was surprised to see Pepperidge Farm is selling slider rolls in the bread section, along with their regular stuff.

    2. how about making a yeast bread --- after rising--- roll little balls and bake in a muffin pan!

      1. i work a lot of catered events. sliders are "cute", but unless you are careful with the filling, can be a real p.i.t.a. to eat and can turn into a mess. they are rarely truly bite-size and stuff like pulled pork can be very messy and slippery, falling out of the bread.

        rolls and biscuits can be too big and so too big of a mouthful, so choose your bread carefully. i think all biscuits are best warm since they are supposed to be on the dry side as a vehicle for butter and such.

        assembling them day of is best, however you can cut the rounds night before and store in a ziploc. use a small piece of lettuce between your bread and fillings as a barrier to prevent the bread from getting soggy. if you use pork, chicken or turkey, shred the meat very finely with your fingers. then mix it with whatever dressing you choose to "glue" it all together. if you want to be even more careful stick a frilly toothpick through to hold it together and upright.

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          Thanks for sharing your experience and for confirming my concerns about using biscuits. If I do rolls (and I just may use JR's suggestion), they would be miniatures. I try to avoid using toothpicks (simply because they make packing the items for traveling less compact), but I think you're right and they would be the way to go, in this case. Thanks again!

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            We were at a party last weekend where they served sliders. The only condiment on them was some carmelized onion, made them very easy to eat.

          2. we've done pulled pork at a party and used those little Martin's Potato rolls - they would be fantastic with anything - love em (we just wanted mini sandwiches too):

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              Thanks, lexpatti. I also like Martin's standard sized potato rolls more than most commercial (non-artisanal) brands. If I don't go with JR's suggestion of making mini-rolls--hey, the oven's going to be going from now until Christmas, anyway, so what's one more thing, LOL--then I may do Martin's. I know I can find them easily.

            2. Thank you all for all of these excellent suggestions. I think there are ideas here that can help me figure out these last few nagging little logistical considerations. Much appreciated--all of you!