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Dec 19, 2009 08:56 PM

candied citron question

Hi, all--I'm running out of time before I have to go traveling for two weeks. I've managed to do the initial blanching of my cubed citron, but I don't think I'll manage to candy it. Should I put the container of cubed blanched rind in the freezer? How long do you think it would last in the fridge?


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  1. If it's blanched I don't see why you can't freeze it and resume the candying after it's thawed at a more convenient time.

    But where did you mange to get citron? Bushwickgirl and I have been having a discussion about the disappearance of commercially candied citron and fresh citron not being an available option. I'm delighted to be wrong on this but I've still never seen a fresh citron.

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      Rainey, I live in Berkeley, California, and currently Buddha's Hand citron is at my local store for I think $5/lb. My neighbor has an etrog tree. California is produce paradise. Are you in Brooklyn? We're leaving in the morning for NYC--my store closes at 6 but if you contact me right away (my e-mail's listed) I can try to pick up a citron for you.

      1. re: heidipie

        Thank you. That's too kind!

        I live in Los Angeles but at the moment I'm in Maui. In a week or two I expect to be up there in Oakland and Petaluma. ...but my holiday baking will long be over. Still, that was so kind.

        Every once in a while on a gardening board someone bemoans the fact that their orange tree has developed odd fruit that looks like it has fingers. I think citron is a reasonably common rootstock for citrus. But I still haven't ever seen a fresh one.

        Are they easy to difficult to work with? Do you the fingers or the "hand" or both? Is there any actual fruit to be had from them?

        1. re: rainey

          Well when you're up here, check out the Berkeley Bowl, which boasts the largest produce section in the US. You can candy it and save it for next year!

          1. re: heidipie

            You're right! That was what the point of candying was! ;>

        2. re: heidipie

          I've seen fresh ones at Russo's in Boston, MA. That might help east-coast folks who are looking for citron. Thanks for reminding me - I need to look for some and candy it!

          1. re: pastrytroll

            The last few years we have had Buddha's hand at our coop around the holidays. None this year. I expect it wasn't selling too well and is an unfamiliar luxury here. Some time I would like to try it. It has always looked so intriguing and it sounds like the peel and pith are all usable.

      2. Here is more info, posts from an older thread. I didn't know it was used as air freshener and liqueur too.