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Dec 19, 2009 07:58 PM

For simple eating chocolate, how much cocao do you prefer?

I just got a Dagoba eclipse chocolate bar, which is nearly 90% cocao, and wow what a revelation.

I think I just discovered a new level of appreciation for chocolate.

Never been a chocolate lover -- and still not one -- but tasting a chocolate bar with this high percentage of cocao gives me a new appreciation of what chocolate can do to the senses.

What about you? How much cocoa do you prefer in a chocolate bar?

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  1. as much as they can cram in there ;)

    have you had Sweetriot dark chocolate covered cacao nibs yet? if not, you *must* try them - go for the 70%. Trader Joe's also just introduced their own version, simply called Dark Chocolate Cocoa Nibs. they're the perfect snack for a lover of dark chocolate/high cacao content. warning though...they're extremely addictive!

    1. I have to agree. The more, the better: I love the rich, bitter flavour of the cacao... so delicious, and the effect that it has on your mouth is fabulous.

      1. 70% minimum. Over 80% isn't to my taste.

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          This is the range I favor. High enough cacao percentage that I taste the flavors of the chocolate over its sweetness, but not so high that bitterness is the topnote.

        2. AT least 70% and no more than 85% in most cases.

          1. between 72% at a minimum and up to 85 or 87%.