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Dec 19, 2009 07:04 PM

Looking for Japanese in Little Italy in San Diego

Staying in Little Italy (on W Grape Street) in Feb for one night before a cruise (a Thursday). My wife and I love Japanese food and have heard there is great Japanese near Little Italy. Can't find specifics though. Any suggestions? Sushi and non-sushi selections and a good sake list are pluses. I'm on a business account :-).

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  1. In Hillcrest, which isn't that far from Little Italy, there are three good places: Kazumi (a sushi bar), Yakitori Yakyudori (great yakitori spot), and Izakaya Masa (haven't been, but heard good things). Never heard of any Japanese food in Little Italy proper.

    1. There used to be Sushi Fix in Little Italy but I doubt that was what you heard about.

      Hane sushi is good and close by on 5th in hillcrest.

      As Josh said, Yakitori Yakyudori is great. One of best spots in san diego in my opinion period. For any cuisine. Make a reservation at the bar.

      Harney sushi is not far in old town for a DJ and sushi experience.

      Also, this place is in Little Italy, . Never been. Seems to be owned by same people as Izakaya Masa.

      Anyone been?

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        I went to Sushi Masa during opening week, as I am a big Masa fan. I highly recommend Izakaya Masa.

        Sushi Masa is inside of the Hotel Vantaggio, and it's okay. You can't really eat in there as there's two small tables, so it's more a take-out place. They don't have a proper stove (the landlords won't allow it), so don't order anything that requires cooking. The sushi is good and cheap, and better than Sushi Deli.

        I'd definitely recommend Izakaya Masa over Sushi Masa, although if you are dedicated to staying in Little Italy, I believe Sushi Masa is the only sushi place. I believe that is also why they opened the restaurant there.

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          Is there any sushi that *isn't* better than Sushi Deli?

        2. what about sushi ota just up the 5 in pacific beach

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            Kazumi is certainly a better choice, and closer.

          2. If you are without a car, you might try something downtown. I don't really have a good recommendation though. I'm sure others can help.

            Agree with the above suggestions if you do have a car. Izakaya Masa is excellent (make a reservation). Hane Sushi is my currrent pick for high end sushi. Both are less than 2 miles away. You can walk to Hane from Little Italy if you are determined -- it's about 1 mile, with a few blocks of steep hill up Grape or Hawthorn. About 25 mins. I do this exact walk a few times a week to go to or from work.