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saito in greenwich anyone been?

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in the former lotus dealer building ? thanks

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  1. Tonight is my birthday...do they take a res? Are they even open on Mondays? Website? Just curious...I have been thinking about this place since I drove by some time ago and saw it was in the works.

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      hi pls call them very cool looking spot interior

    2. Not open on Mondays, it would seem. Butt I kinda expected this...looking forward to trying

      1. Absolutely amazing food! You have 2 choices in dining, either the regular dining room or the 4 person 20 course Omakasa (?) style Sushi bar. you have one sushi chef for the entire time. They only take 2 reservations a night for this but it is well worth it. The regular menu is superb as well so i have been a couple of times. The Chef is from Roy's in Pebble Beach. Great food.

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            Any recent reviews of this place? Website has no prices, either.

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              Guess no CH-ers go to this place any longer...

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                Great flavors, small portions, high prices. Would I return.....yes but it is not high on the list.

        1. Most amazing meal I have had in a very long time. Was a big fan of Bamboo and this exceeds that. Worth every penny.