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Dec 19, 2009 06:29 PM

Alcohol delivery to Wellesley

I'm live in the Wellesley Square area and I don't have a car. Since Wellesley's (sort of) a dry town, there aren't any places within walking distance where I can buy beer or wine to take back to my home. Does anyone know of: 1) a package store in the area that delivers, 2) a reasonably priced delivery service that operates in Wellesley, or 3) some other option whereby I could get some beer to go with my Nick's Pizza calzone?? Thanks, and happy holidays everyone!

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  1. Depending on what you consider "walking distance" there is a liquor store on Route 135 past Wellesley College just over the Wellesley line. Maybe even called TownLine Liqours. My guess is that it is just over a mile or 1 and 1/2 miles. If you have some kind of push cart or someting on wheels, it should be easy. There is a store on Route 9 just over the Wellesley line that delivers. Nine East Wine Emporium, 508 653 6221. Good luck!

    1. Gordon's in Waltham delivers, but I'm not sure of minimums, delivery fees, etc.

      1. Zachy's (NYC) will deliver, by UPS. They have free delivery specials every once in a while - sign up for their mailing list.

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          here in mass., it's not legal to receive wine/alcohol shipments from out-of-state.

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            Note you're replying to an almost 3 yo post. Hopefully dawg found his/her beer and wine by now..:)

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              lol, wonder how it popped up then? eesh. the interwebs.

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