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Dec 19, 2009 05:40 PM

In search of "different" turkey stuffing for x-mas!!

want to switch things up a bit, and have never tried anything but the traditional bread crumbs etc.
maybe sausage or osters?? thanx

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  1. Don't know how different you want be, but Chinese make "sticky" rice stuffing for Thanksgiving. Made with sweet rice. You can make it with Chinese sausage, oysters, dried squid or whatever and stuff it in the bird or make it in dish. Use it like bread stuffing...great with gravy on it too.

    Basic recipe, but everyone has their own.

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      I've made this but used it as a main dish, and it was divine. But DH would never let me get away from the stuffing I normally use, a bread-pudding-y mixture of white breads, sage, onion, mushrooms and oysters.

    2. I did a cornbread & chorizo stuffing for was delicious. I'd be happy to post the ingredients if you'd like...

      1. how about sausage meat and chestnut stuffing. Or sage and thyme.

        1. I use oysters often, so that's not too different. I just add them to my bread (cubed, not crumbs) sage dressing. The only different one we did, years ago, was an Italian stuffing that was delicious! I remember it had sausage and prunes, and I think bacon. The turkey was browned on top of the stove! It was quite a production and too much work to do often, but it was fun and delicious. Do not remember where we got the recipe.