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Dec 19, 2009 05:21 PM

Linen Dish Towel Fabric

Does anyone know where I can buy 100% linen dish towel material? I used to buy the fabric at a store called Stitsky's. It was made in the Czech Republic, 100% linen, about 18 inches wide: white with a coloured band at each end.

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  1. You might cast around online. We still have bomb-proof Polish linen checked table cloths sourced from Ed's eons ago that are spookily pristine after years of hard use. Know what you're after. Possible that some of the old school jobbers along King/Queen West might have some stock but the winds of political change seem to have taken this stuff off the market.

    1. I know this isn't the same thing, given that you're after fabric, not dish towels. Still, if you're really desperate for linen, IKEA sells 100% linen tea towels, made in the Czech Republic.

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        Those are 2 very good suggestions. I didin't know that any of the old jobbers fabric stores still existed. I will go down there over the holidays and check it out. By Ed's do you mean "Honest Ed's"?
        If I don't find any fabric then I will go to Ikea and buy their linen tea towels.
        Thank you both.

      2. Like a three colour band (red/blue/green)? There's actually a bedding store in Richmond Hill that sells these dish towels. Canalite Linen at 52 West Beaver Creek. 905-886-6737.

        1. I've seen this fabric available in the past year in some of the fabric stores on Queen Street, on the couple blocks immediately west of Spadina. I can't remember exactly which store, but their numbers are dwindling, so spend 20 minutes wandering in and out of them and you'll find it. I'd start with the one with the orange and black sign, just west of the Second Cup (perhaps called Queen Textiles)? If none of those work, head over to King Textiles (immediately south, on King). Also, if you're friendly and you ask nicely, most of the shopkeepers will tell you who has it if they don't.

          Also, I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that Fabricland also carries this type of fabric. Perhaps it's not 100% linen, as I'm sure you would've already checked there.