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Dec 19, 2009 04:02 PM

La Braisiere?

Has anyone eaten here lately? Thinking about taking 2 couples here for a special evening.

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  1. Not recent but......
    Posted 11 March 2004 - 12:23 PM
    "I would strike La Braisiere....."

    After the NYT article by Jacqueline Friedrich I went twice.

    Credit where credit is due dept: she was right about Chez Michel, Au C'Amelot + Le Pré Verre tho'.

    John Talbott

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    1. re: John Talbott

      please keep me posted. We went to this restaurant 2-3 years ago and loved it and have been thinking of returning. John Talbott- I didn't quite understand your posting. Did you like La Braisiere? I know one thing tho'- I love reading your blog..

      1. re: pammi

        Thanks: I went twice and moved on to other things (I guess I missed the "wow" factor).

    2. I have been twice, last visit in January 2009. I like this restaurant quite a bit. It is a husband cooking, wife running the front kind of arrangement, foods from the SW. They have a nice house aperitif to start with, champagne, with a whole prune soaked in Armagnac in the glass, and a little bit of orange which I like. They also have very good first course that is a potato / foie gras / girolle terrine which is really good. Last visit I had a very nicely done lievre royale. Prices are very reasonably for the quality, plenty of affordable wines on the list. I am going again next week. Photo of the lievre and and of a foie gras dish (not the terrine I noted above) I had last visit are attached.