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Dec 19, 2009 03:31 PM

Best and Worst Food, Beverage, Restaurant -Related Ads in 2009 -- or EVER!

I just saw a TV ad for Baskin-Robbins cake and ice cream. It had plastic dinosaurs and robot and cheerleader figurines -- dancing to some hip-hop kind of music ("doing the Ice cream and Cake.). Pretty catchy and cute.

Apparently, the cheerleaders had to win a contest to appear.

Here's the Halloween version:

I thought to myself, how far we've come from Carvel's Fudgy the Whale cake or Cookie Puss!

Then I saw a creative ad for Blue Moon ("Creation") that takes natural ingredients and uses them as they transform into paint colors on a brush. Neat idea.

Then there's the Miss Sexy Green M&M ad campaign.

What about the subtle eroticism of those squirty champagne ads?

And I'm liking the vibe of the Bacardi "party" ads -- the people look like they're having a fantastic time.
And the surrealism of the "overnight island" is intriguing -- I always watch the ad to see new things.

Then, on the other side (as in Just Plain Dumb) was the ad for the Burger King and Sponge-Bob butts.
"Sponge Bob Got Back!"

Here's a vintage loser:


What are your "hits" and "misses" for the year -- or in history?

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  1. "Then, on the other side (as in Just Plain Dumb) was the ad for the Burger King and Sponge-Bob butts."

    Are you kidding me? That idea was perfectly executed and Just Plain Brilliant. I like square butts and I cannot lie....

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    1. re: BeenThereAteThat

      i didn't say "dumb" wasn't funny. LOL!

    2. The absolute WORST has to be Kraft's new commercial for Kraft Singles. The advertisement calls the product "America's cheese" and says something about "only in America could something like this be invented". Yuck! I'm not American, but it must be embarrassing to have such a disgusting product marketed toward your patriotism.

      1. Hits:
        Perhaps I watch too much Top Chef, but I'll be humming the Glad song in the old-age home..."Chilly!"
        Those Michelob Ultra ads with the couple running from the office building make me feel like stripping down and running with them. The ad is beautiful, but it would take a gun at my back to make me drink the swill they're advertising.
        Misses would be the Kalhua ads with the Mayan tribesmen--makes me think of a bad Apocalypto mashup. Those guys would rather cut out my beating heart than pour me a shot of Kalhua, I suspect.
        Olive Garden and Red Lobster ads are so over the top with the glistening meats, porn-y effects and boudoir lighting that I feel dirty every time I see them and vow to try that macrobiotic austerity diet again.

          1. I'd never seen the spongebob video before. I feel kind of dirty now. I think I need to shower.

            However my picks would have been the burger king ads as well, but the one where the guy wakes up in bed with the king, or the king peering in outside the window..... or.... one of the most disturbing was the Burger King subservient chicken.
            depending on what you asked it to do, it was disturbing indeed.
            The Quizno's sponge monkeys I was torn on whether I liked them or was scared.

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            1. re: Firegoat

              type in "butt" for the subservient chicken! LOL!

              the "king" on the bed with the cracklin' fire for their "flame" campaign, iirc, was too creepy/funny.

              oh, yeah, it's the smell of flame -broiled *meat*!

              that bk ad agency must be trippin' on some strange stuff. i'm guessing it is porn and oxycontin, plus tequila chasers.


              as to quiznos, those creatures (sponge monkeys???) are horrid. they remind me of a girl i knew in elementary school. she also wore rather thick glasses. ;-O.