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Dec 19, 2009 02:32 PM

Hunan/Szechuan in northern NJ

Any recommendations for good Szechuan and/or Hunan restaurants in Northern NJ, preferably Bergen County?

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  1. do you mean real, traditional sichuan cooking?

    if so, Chengdu 23 in Wayne and Chengdu 1 in Cedar Grove should be just what you're looking for. There's also Grand Sichuan in Jersey City.

    I'm not aware of any restaurants in the area that special in Hunan cooking, though.

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    1. re: tommy

      I was going to make the same recommendations. Both are great, but Chengdu 1 is the champ.

      1. re: zhelder

        nah. each excel at different things.

        1. re: tommy

          While I do agree with Tommy, if I have to choose, I'd still go to Chengdu 1. And for the OP, they're not connected in any way--other than the name.

          Does Noodle Chu in Parsippany do any Hunan dishes?

    2. I am not Chinese, so I don't have a point of reference, but I have been eating chinese food in Bergen county my entire life. Chengdu 1 in Cedar Grove...hands down.

      1. The Grand Sichuan in Jersey City is the most authentic Chinese food I've had outside of China. My personal favorite is the Braised sliced beef in chili sauce. It if fiery and delicious. Check out their menu:

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          Haven't been to the JC location, but GS on St. Mark's Place is absolutely some of THE. BEST. CHINESE. I've had anywhere!