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Dec 19, 2009 12:45 PM

Seacan (Fish store) and 3S's restaurant (seafood restaurant) - Oakville... (Downtown)

Has anyone been to the new "The 3 Fs" restaurant in Oakville yet? I walked by it today after seeing the torch go by. It is close by the LCBO on Lakeshore. There is also a new fish store run by the same company (Seacan) that is located right beside it. It seems promising because it looks like they do wholesale distribution:

Restaurant link:

Sign outside also said "Oyster/Wine Bar". Looking for a good place in Oakville for Oyster's...

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  1. Been a few months now. Anyone been yet?

    I went to the store to buy some oysters a month or so ago and also bought some fresh tuna there. It was all really good but I think their market prices might be a bit high. Curious if anyone has been to the restaurant yet?

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      Resto looks like Oakville Lakeshore strip nouveau surf-n-turf--what's the allure?

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        Never been to the store part, but prices are WAY too high
        I prefer going to the Mermaid & The Oyster Gourmet Fish Market
        Prices are fantastic, the fish is fresh and the owners are awesome:)

        351 Kerr Street (@ Washington
        Oakville, Ontario

      2. I haven't been however a friend of mine went. She really enjoyed it. Food was high end but very good and every 20min or so the servers stop and break into song. Jazz tunes that were well done.

        1. The original comment has been removed