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Favorite Snow-bound foods?

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With the snowstorm today, it's the perfect day to snuggle indoors, watch a few movies with some hot chocolate, or just read a book by the fire. But when it's time to eat, what hits the spot?

I'm planning to make some nice creamy broccoli-cheddar soup, perhaps a little risotto, and some Taiwanese beef noodle soup.

What are your favorite snow-bound foods? :)

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  1. Well, today for me has so far been all about baking up the Christmas cookies, which make a good snack anyhow during the storm. I also did a batch of cranberry-orange scones - perfect with steaming hot tea.

    For real food though, my cravings turn to meatloaf & mashed potatoes, lasagna, beef stew, or even some homeade soup with homemade bread. Fried chicken sounds good too actually.

    1. Lentil soup is on the menu tonight here in snowy VA. Along with some bread from Pain Quotidian picked up on an afternoon stroll.

      Pork loin brining for tomorrow's dinner.

      1. Hmmm, you're the second Marylander to ask this question....


        BTW - my hubby called today's chili an "exceptional batch". It smelled great in here all day.

        We're at about 20 inches of snow. Luckily we have a neighbor with a snow plow who plowed out the neighborhood.

        1. When snowbound, I like to bake things like sticky buns--the kinds of baking that requires 3 rises to be good.

          1. Anything in the crock pot.

            I like to fill the house with cooking smells all day long. It's so welcoming and comforting to do so. You can do a hearty beef stew, a chili, any stew or soup, and top it off with a crunchy crusted roll or french bread.

            I love to be snowbound in the house. Perfect for drinking coffee and Bailys, watching movies on pay-per-view, cooking, and spending hours on the laptop fooling around on various cooking sites. Oh, and I prefer to stay in my P.J.'s as well.

            Pure bliss!

            1. Osso Bucco with a gremolata.

              1. Fresh Baked bread - the smell fills the house and then a rich soup. If you like serve a lobster bisque in a bread bowl, sit back in the library enjoy the fire and your soup and bread, while watching the snow fall - majestic.

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                    Every weekend in the winter I stew a chicken for brother to make some soup or another. Or beef bones. I love the smell of the broth simmering in its fresh mirepoix. I use the meat for soup or sandwiches or both. Making home made noodles is always requisite regardless of the soup.